Promotion of industrial development of high-quality Internet platform to become new economic engine

In recent years, with the depth of integration of big data, cloud computing, networking, artificial intelligence technology and manufacturing, manufacturing enterprises is accelerating the transition to digital, networked and intelligent direction. Industrial Internet platform is the number of new economy industries, which intelligent technology as the main support, open up the design, production, distribution, consumption and service sectors, building massive data collection cloud-based platform, aggregation, analysis service system, supporting manufacturing ubiquitous resource connection, the elastic supply, efficient configuration, are producing a fusion with a series of production, manufacturing and service integration, resource collaboration, to create a new model of sharing the new formats. China’s economy has been the rapid growth phase of flight to quality development stage, is in the transformation of development mode, optimizing the economic structure, research on the growth momentum of conversion. In this context, the release of better industrial development potential of the Internet platform, and play its great role in promoting other industries, has become the new engine of high-quality industrial upgrading and economic development of great significance. Promotion of industrial development and better Internet platform Internet platform as an important right time industrial production organization innovation, industrial upgrading and the quality of economic development of China opened up a new path. One can achieve based on data-driven innovation and development, the formation of a new engine of economic growth. Internet platform has the typical industrial data and knowledge-driven features that collect vast amounts of data based on intelligent interconnection equipment and end-user demand Control Engineering Copyright , and to achieve the modeling analysis of the data by machine learning algorithms optimized to form optimized decisions and solutions span enterprise R & D, production management, operation and maintenance, sales and service the whole lifecycle. Second, the production can lead the way intelligence reform, and promote industrial development quality and efficiency. Industrial Internet platform can lead the development of a new generation of intelligent manufacturing by building flexible intelligent production systems, Unicom internal and external data, total factor connector industry, the whole industry chain, the whole value chain, the development of on-demand, user participation in the design, large scale customization and other new models, promote flexible and efficient matching of supply and demand. Which is connected by its own production system and global supply chain intelligence, optimize the allocation of resources in a wider range, can further improve the quality and efficiency of development. The third is to promote advanced manufacturing and modern service industry depth integration, promote economic restructuring and upgrading. Industrial manufacturing companies relying on the Internet platform that provides lifecycle management based smart devices, ROMS, on-line monitoring and letterInterest and other value-added services, in order to achieve “smart products (equipment) intelligence service” integrated development, manufacturing and building industry value chain integration service type. Fourth, can build together to share the creation of ecological innovation and entrepreneurship, stimulate the development of new high-quality economic momentum. Industry has distributed Internet platform, openness, connectivity, etc., so that it can attract global developer, producer and consumer, the birth of outstanding package design, networked collaborative R & D, manufacturing, and other new collaborative model to form value create a shared creation of ecological innovation and entrepreneurship. Currently, the global Internet platform industry is still in its early stages of development, the leading enterprise automation equipment, information technology service companies, manufacturers and other vertical areas with their own advantages to intensify platform layout CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , although in technology terms of standards, business models, ecological construction system is still in the development stage exploration, but has entered a time of large-scale expansion of the window. For its part, the development of industry Internet platform right time. On the one hand, China’s industrial transformation and upgrading of traditional industries through the Internet to solve the mismatch between supply and demand, resources are not coordinated, mass efficiency is not high pain point there is a huge demand problem; on the other hand, the market development of China’s vast consumer space, Internet applications innovation is very active, which is industrial development and better internet platform provides deep soil. Problems have constrained the development of industry Internet platform need to solve in recent years, deepening the policy guidelines “Internet advanced manufacturing” industrial development of the Internet in our country, a group of business and industry platform Internet platform with a certain industry, regional influence emerged, basic the industry has formed a development pattern, regional and application characteristics. But we should also question some of the constraints of industrial internet platform for better development still exist. First, many platforms lack adequate scenarios. In recent years, the number of China’s industrial internet platform is growing rapidly, but really the formation of critical mass and cost-effective platform for the growth of the Internet industry is not a lot. In particular there are a lot of industrial internet platform technology showcase plenty of features, but the lack of a sufficient number of scenarios, its efficiency is not high. Second, the “islands of information” hampered manufacturing resources integration and sharing of data and innovative applications. Digital, network-based manufacturer determines the degree of integration of industrial application level Internet platform. At present, the business figures of our country on the basis of generally weak, basis the number of different types of enterprisesWord of varying ability. Between internal, between the upstream and downstream industry chain, cross-cutting between the various types of production equipment and information systems, there are still many “islands of information”, leading manufacturing resource integration and sharing of data it is difficult to achieve, affecting further collaborative applications. Third, the lack of key technology platform for the local supply capacity. First, there is a big performance short board for the development of the software industry, especially in the field of high-end industrial software and industrial control systems, our lack of self-control forces. Development of cloud computing makes software industry has entered a stage of development of cloud chemical industry software package for the further evolution of a large number of industrial manufacturing processes and technical principles of “software as a service industry” overall solution. Our software capabilities in the cloud chemical industry is not strong, ecology has not built up. Second, the performance of network information security is not strong. Relevant research found that existing industrial equipment products in the cloud platform layer, network layer, the platform layer, there are still many security risks. Fourth, resource elements support capability is not strong. Industrial Internet platform to connect people, machines, industrial equipment and a variety of scenarios, is a complex system engineering, platform companies, requires a lot of investment in hardware and software assets. Enterprise users also need to own the whole digital, networked promote combined Control Engineering Copyright , to undergo a pre and post-investment as the mainstay of the slow return process. Because the value creation and long-period return on investment and industrial consumer Internet platform Internet platform more difficult than in attracting financial capital investment. In terms of personnel, the development of industry Internet platform needs only understands the manufacturing process, process principle, there are compound talents IT platform and operating experience, but also requires a lot of application software development talent. At present, there is both talent gap in these two areas. Promote the healthy development of industry Internet platform a few suggestions to better promote the quality of economic development, the need for the existing problems, the release of the industrial potential of the Internet platform, effectively help us change the development mode, optimizing the economic structure, transforming growth momentum. First, to address key bottlenecks as a breakthrough, complete platform support policies. To improve the industry key common Internet technology research and development support policies around the field of smart sensors, cloud chemical industry software, network communications and other key technology bottlenecks, as well as application of cutting-edge technology in the Internet industry, giving support research project CONTROL ENGINEERINGChina Copyright , guide and support enterprises to increase digital platform R & D investment; to support high levels of Internet infrastructure industry, accelerate high-speed high-bandwidth, low-latency high reliability, low power consumption large connected 5G network construction , the internet industry to meet the high-quality, general volume, continuous sampling of data requirements; to improve the financial support policy for industry internet platform, support services and strong support, significant ecological benefits system of public financing of industrial internet platform for enterprises; to be higher in all kinds of level personnel and professional and technical personnel training programs, the Internet industry leading talent, engineering and other professional information industry into the development and training programs. Second, to develop “smart” as the focus, promote the integration of applications. On the one hand, the need to promote technological transformation of industrial enterprises of digital intelligence. Digital intelligence for industrial enterprises upgrading and renewal of equipment support, technological transformation of industrial enterprises focus on promoting intelligent production lines, support qualified enterprises to build large digital smart factory and workshop. On the other hand, the need to break the “information island”, to promote the equipment, system interoperability and data integration to share. Industrial internet platform based on technology services to the issuance of vouchers, etc., to encourage and support SMEs in the digital transition, to migrate to the cloud service system, strengthen internal, between the upstream and downstream enterprises, Internet cross-cutting equipment and information systems interoperability . At the same time, but also give full play to our advantages of scale in manufacturing, strong domestic consumer market advantage and innovation advantage of Internet applications, application development platform. Third, open source and open standards for the direction of the Internet platform to improve industrial ecology. First, the promotion of industrial PaaS platform to the open source model. Industrial Internet platform to build and maintain the ecological integrity of continuous innovation and vitality, need to adhere to open-source framework. Policy to guide enterprises and technology service providers to strengthen the open source community, open technology platform, attracting a large number of application developers, APP foster massive industry based on open source framework. In research and development and application of policies, priorities tilted to the open-source software, products and services. The second is to strengthen the open standards and protocols compatible. Industrial equipment comprising a compatible protocol, a communication protocol compatible with the like. Support Industry Alliance platform business, technology service companies, research institutions and other joint standards development, testing and verification standards promotion. At the same time actively involved in the development of international standards. The third is to promote the popularization and application of new technologies and new business models. Encourage enterprises to introduce artificial intelligence platform, block chain technologyArt enterprise, exploring the application of new technologies in various industrial scenes, enhance value creation. Fourth, the system construction as the core, create a healthy environment for development. The information security industry needs the Internet platform on the healthy development of the platform an important role , the main responsibility to implement the three subjects: the government needs to strengthen information security legislation and management of industrial internet platform, specifically related legal liability, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the parties to the platform; study and formulate a unified public cloud security standards, clear safety requirements. Platform companies need to strengthen the main responsibility for security, establish and improve security and emergency management systems and mechanisms to strengthen the daily network security monitoring platform, and constantly improve the technical means of defense. Other related subjects platform also good to protect the security of its own production system. At the same time, for large industrial governance and use of data, also need stakeholders to participate in the governance, promote the rational flow of data, the right to do, secure transactions, share and use.

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