Pure white Nordic style home decoration

Space pattern: living room, master bedroom, storage room, entrance, bathroom, study main building materials: super wear-resistant floor, E1 imported German plywood, environmentally friendly latex paint, fire-resistant calcium silicate board, bendable board, artificial veneer Oak wash white, steel wire, polished tiles Many people yearn for pure white space, but worry that white is too quiet and monotonous, less to jump the lively atmosphere, but through ingenuity to transform, white can also be very white Excellent change.

This is originally a 10-year old house. Because the house director is the editor-in-chief of the home magazine, it is rooted in the long-term. The profession that touches such design cases has its own ideas for aesthetics and spatial planning; in addition to the need for independent thinking space, and the desire to add a sense of serenity in the Nordic style, the furniture is mainly composed of simple but not monotonous Ikea. The styling and color matching should be refreshed and clean as a point. The designer should help the owner and transform the 10-year old house into a beautiful art atmosphere! The color of the base is of course white. In order to let the space line show the beating life, under the communication and interaction between the designer and the owner, the plan is perfect.
With a warm light source, the cold white can instantly add brilliance; in the living room with white as the main axis, in order to avoid the feeling of being too cold, the designer chooses to balance with the light, in the cement board video wall A warm light source is added to the left and right sides, and a light is placed at the junction extending to the ceiling to increase the height of the space while adding a soft warmth. In addition, in the local space, the hardware planning of the furniture is also matched, so that the style and budget are in line with the expectations of the homeowner. In addition to the use of the book wall and the walkway planning reading area above the mezzanine, the living room on the second floor uses the distorted space of the beam and column, and the storage closet is separated from the storage room to hide the large debris in the house.

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