Putin requested Uzbekistan to send a human rights representative to Kiev to mediate the situation.

China News Service February 21, according to the Russian new network reported on the 20th, Russian Presidential Press Secretary Peskov said that Russian President Vladimir Putin, at the request of Ukrainian President Yanukovych, decided to send the Russian President’s full-right human rights representative to Kiev. Lu Jin was acting as a mediator when negotiating with the opposition.

Peskov said: “At the request of the Ukrainian side, a telephone conversation between President Putin and President Yanukovych was held. During this period, the President of Ukraine suggested that the Russian President send a human rights representative to Kiev as a mediator. The negotiation process of the opposition. ”

He also said that “Putin decided to send human rights plenipotentiary Vladimir · Lu Jin’s ambassador”.

He stressed that “Wholesaw; Vladimir · Lu Jin has extensive diplomatic experience, has high prestige among activists, and has led large opposition parties”.

A large-scale riot broke out in the center of Kiev on February 18 (Tuesday). On the same day, the opposition demanded the restoration of the 2004 Constitution and the restoration of the parliamentary presidential system at the Ukrainian Supreme Council. The emotional crowd tried to get close to the Ukrainian parliament building, and the militants broke into the building in the center of Kiev, lit the tires, and threw stones and burning bottles at the police and cars. According to police information, militants used shooting weapons for the first time. According to the latest data from the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, large-scale conflicts have now killed 35 people.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

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