Reference Standard for the 2014 UK GBC Sustainable Booth Award

The UK Green Building Council once again allows exhibitors to demonstrate their opportunities in the Eco-Building Show and encourage them to proudly call out their green position. Sustainability is key to addressing material use issues while reducing waste and carbon reductions and establishing a sustainable procurement process for all suppliers.
The UK Green Building Council said it is looking for examples of how sustainability can be incorporated into exhibitions, including materials and construction, design and procurement, from eliminating waste, reducing the use of materials and energy, recycling and recycling to show ethical purchases. And materials used in fair trade. Through the adoption of the ISO 20121 Event Sustainability Management System, Ecobuild is also focused on minimizing the environmental impact of its activities. The system can be used to process materials, reduce waste and reduce carbon emissions. At the time of the show, a sustainable procurement process will be available to all major suppliers and to all stakeholders who are concerned about environmental issues. There are also six seminar areas at the exhibition, focusing on topics such as building products and design, building performance and BIM (Building Information Modeling), refurbishment and renovation, future cities and green buildings and energy.
Reference Standards for Sustainable Booth Awards include:
1. Reduce energy use and recycling
2. Reduce carbon footprint
3. Responsible procurement
4. Health And safe materials
5. Sustainability Management
This award is a great way for suppliers to demonstrate leadership, originality and creativity, as well as to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable work practices. The award will be announced during the 10th anniversary of the Eco-Building Show.

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