Reinvested $ 8.0 billion! Intel bet on the future of intelligent plant

Following the United States, Israel, Intel has conducted large-scale investment in new plant construction in Ireland Leixlip. The original plans to build 90,000 square meters of new factory, now ready to append to 110,000 square meters, with a total investment of 80 billion US dollars, which will be Intel’s biggest investment in the country, but also the Irish to accept the largest single private investment. Ireland The new plant will mainly produce wafers, this new plant more than 300 workers will take four years to build CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , Ireland will be expected to bring 1,600 new jobs . It is understood that Control Engineering Copyright , Intel invested heavily in the construction of these plants, in order to ease the 14nm process capacity constraints, accelerate 10nm process mass production, and prepare for future 7nm. In fact, Intel is not only their own efforts to build a new factory, with powerful automation, networking, big data analytics and other cutting-edge technology Control Engineering Copyright , Intel continues to drive the global factory automation, mechanization and intelligent transformation, adding real soon boost power intelligent plant age.
Intel’s powerful technology automation system equipment and big data analysis, intelligent manufacturing can be run through the production process in all aspects, by collecting the entire production line and the data the whole cycle, collation and analysis, Intel architecture-based automation system, things may be used in computing technology and the edge of the manufacturing process, thereby helping to reduce the plant cost, improve production efficiency and product quality. At the same time, through the use of networking technology to strengthen the monitoring and information technology management services, Intel automation technology and big data analysis, can improve the controllability of the production process, reduce production line manual intervention to help manufacturers rational planning schedule, helping to build efficient, energy saving, green, environmental protection, comfortable humanity chemical plant. So CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , with strong technical strength, Intel has been notorious in the industry worldwide. For example, Intel and Hikvision collaboration to create the “armor Superman” – intelligent warehousing scenarios, the use of industrial robots combined with the visual intelligence of wisdom, not only for smart factories manufacturing machines become “able to speak, thinking” smart “armored Superman”, leaving the world’s factoryIntel saw strong strength in the Internet of Things industry.
Beckhoff Automation * Company TwinCAT Vision quality control system (the QA), by enabling a high-performance Intel Xeon processors, inside of independent real-time detection of abnormal production line machinery, minimize down time, reduce the defect rate, further enhance the factory output. These are Intel with leading industrial automation, reduce dependence skilled labor in the world’s major plants harvested classic success stories. In the smart factory layout, general manager of Intel’s Business Unit Industrial Solutions, Christine Boles, vice president of Things division has said, relying on a strong intelligence support, Intel’s product has changed from the factory floor to the edge of the cloud computing technology control Engineering Copyright , the reverse is the promotion of industrial process automation technology from the end, drive the rapid pace of traditional manufacturers transition to the smart factory. Conclusion: the rapid rise of a new generation of information technology along with things, big data, mobile applications, the pace of the fourth industrial revolution the world gradually accelerated. In this global manufacturing digital transformation of the critical period, the intelligent factory has become an important boost industrial restructuring. Intel as a global networking, industrial automation, big data analytics and other leading technology companies, is the most technical support global manufacturing enterprise transformation. I believe along with intelligent plant process continues, will lead Intel’s global manufacturing enterprises more true digital transformation!

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