Research shows that China’s travel to Japan is expected to rebound in 2014

China News Service, Shanghai, February 20 (Reporter Li Jiajia) If political factors are stable, the number of Chinese tourists visiting Japan is expected to rebound sharply. This is the judgment of the internationally renowned online travel platform Travelzoo traveller based on the latest user survey. .

In the past two years, due to political factors, the demand for travel to Japan has been suppressed. At the same time, the continued depreciation of the yen in 2013 has enhanced the desire of Chinese consumers to travel. In 2013, the yen fell by about 22% against the US dollar, while the yuan appreciated by nearly 3% against the US dollar.

This year’s Spring Festival holiday, the number of Chinese tourists to Japan has greatly rebounded. According to media reports, during the Spring Festival, mainland Chinese tourists reached a record high. Last month, Japan issued 79,000 visas for mainland tour groups and issued more than 30,000 visas for individual tourists, setting a new high since 2013. Compared with the same period of last year, the number of mainland tourists visiting Japan during the Spring Festival this year increased by 10 times.

Chinese tourists rushed into Japan around the Spring Festival in 2014, setting off a consumer frenzy. According to the statistics of the four largest department stores in Japan, since the Chinese New Year holiday on January 31, the sales of these department stores with duty-free goods as the main sales increased significantly. Mitsukoshi Isetan’s sales since February increased year-on-year. 10.5%; Daimaru Matsui, Takashimaya, and Sogo also increased by 5.5% to 2.1% respectively. The sales of duty-free goods in Mitsukoshi Ginza store was three times that of the same period of last year; Takashimaya Shinjuku store was twice as large as the same period last year.

The statistics released by the National Tourism Administration of Japan show that the number of tourists visiting Japan, China, Hong Kong, Thailand and other places in China has reached a new high in the same period. China’s growth in the mainland, which has been affected by the deterioration of Sino-Japanese relations, has been particularly eye-catching. In September last year, the number of tourists visiting Japan reached a year-on-year increase of 28.5%.

Hong Wei, president of Travelzoo Tourism China, said that the Chinese tourists’ Spring Festival consumption boom may continue throughout February, and Japan will welcome the flower viewing season in March, which is expected to continue this trend. But she also believes that all of this is subject to political constraints. If the tension between China and Japan escalates, the recovery of Chinese travel to Japan may also be short-lived. (End)

Responsible Editor: Wu Yuanchun

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