“Robot blacksmith” to revive the US manufacturing | new US factory return

It has hidden and close contact between manufacturing technology and innovation. Lunatic Fringe Te Sika CEO Musk believes that “machine-made machine” will promote the development of Te Sika promotes aerospace projects and automotive business. The use of cheaper, scalable program lets Space X launch low-cost and complete tasks efficiently, which is the traditional method for producing NASA can not be compared.
Figure 1: Tesla electric pickup Cybertrunk
remember the shape makes it tucao Te Sika electric pickup Cybertruck it? It uses the same innovative design system utilizing a simplified manufacturing process, the abolition of the “stamping die”, is more conducive to bending and folding metal part. Cybertrunk Tesla electric pickup 30 times using a super-hard rolled stainless steel body build. This material strength is too high, the conventional method of punching press machine damage, the body can not use a conventional production method, the body is designed so planarization, no curve. The new method now, is called a “machine forging” of Control Engineering Copyright , is turned out, there is the potential to revolutionize production of high-quality components, customized and optimized to produce new products . Save timber, each timber by a high performance weak and strong security metal parts are widely used in transportation, mining, construction and power generation equipment such as a turbine engine, most of which were manufactured by the classical decades unchanged process manufacturing. Machining, cutting material to obtain the desired shape; casting the molten metal into the mold; molding and forging the extruded metal deformed into a new shape. Casting and forging usually requires custom mold CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the higher the cost of design and manufacturing time and cost, but the production efficiency is high when operating; lower cost of production of parts, and has a height of replicability. This is why the nuts and bolts inexpensive and reliable. Shortly after World War II, digital production to make production more convenient. Computer numerical control machining, cutting out various shapes from the part of the metal block. Different production components simply start a new computer program. A common drawback of CNC machining a low output, for example, a block of 1,000 pounds of titanium may be cut to produce just 100 pound aerospace components. Although seemingly expensive and a waste of material, but without investing into newThis lead time is shorter. Today, people parts production for additive manufacturing (3D printing) of enthusiasm. . During printing, be selected to generate a part from a file stored in a computer model, each overlay layer. Traditional machining shape can not be produced by 3D printing can be produced, for example, there are parts of the internal cooling passage. These techniques have their advantages, but there are disadvantages: the production of the parts is generally not high strength and toughness, require reprocessing. This is also something very wasteful of resources. New species: half robot, half blacksmith blacksmith like dough general manufacturing metal utensils, making it the structure finer, more uniform, considerable strength. When this molding material, it will generate a directional strength, just as in the direction of stronger wood texture. However, CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , not a human blacksmith able to handle the size of aircraft landing gear components, it is difficult to produce the bulk of our economic development enough parts. Machine forging intend to change this situation. It is the official name of the deformed manufacturing (Metamorphic Manufacturing). Is a new manufacturing methods currently being developed. It uses sensors, thermal control, brake forming, robot operating system and the computing system forged metal object accurately simulate human blacksmith’s skill and creativity. Forging machines can take advantage of new digital technology the ability to expand blacksmith. Metal progressively repeated accurate positioning and shaping in the press, forming part. Such a power press or hammer system can select a suitable machining tool in accordance with a desired shape. Parts with automated molding technology, the basic methods and blacksmith, large parts of the machine can be mass produced more efficiently than a human. This new method has the potential to manufacture efficient and sustainable framework aircraft, ships, submarines and inside the locomotive. Or out to produce small personalized medical implants. Advocates of the technology Glenn Daehn be regarded as “the third wave of digital manufacturing” after the computer numerical control and additive manufacturing (3D printing). NC forging machine broke and some of the limitations of the manufacturing added, the combined heat and mechanical deformation of the precision control system of intelligent machine system blacksmith. Compared with the NC, it may be manufactured by molding technology deformed material loss during machining; forging compared with additive manufacturing technology, manufacturing deformationTechnique may utilize a wider range of types of metallic materials and optimize the performance of the metal; In addition, the use of open die forging, forging machine system can also be used in place of the corresponding mold closed die forging and forging to produce large parts (such as an aircraft bulkhead ). Next, the technology is expected to be applied to the spacecraft to reduce high intensity large steel weld submarine hull, production of satellite and other components, sensors embedded development driverless transportation device, reducing the medical imaging device (e.g., magnetic resonance imaging and x-ray computed tomography apparatus) particles generated during the production aspects. $ 25,000 deformation manufacturing challenges Transformers in 2017, Ohio State University undergraduate group received a government-funded LIFT (Lightweight future innovation) project proposed by the American Institute award is manufacturing and Ohio LIFT design and manufacturing center jointly set up, aimed at the ancient skills and robotics digital age blacksmith combine expansion material forming ability to explain key concepts forging machine.
The first stage of the competition to design a machine to shape the clay into a predetermined shape. In order to better control the deformation, to increase their on a conventional CNC milling machine and an end portion forming apparatus related software, so that it can produce small incremental deformation, and thus manufacturing a horseshoe and a stand for the first . The local process may be used on demand shaped metal parts.
Figure 2: Students team work achievements Ohio State University
Of course, this is just a good start. Prior To metal into a high factor of safety requirements of the product, there are a lot of research and development needs to be done. Forging the comprehensive development of the machine requires a comprehensive technology. The system must know the shape, the temperature and the state of the material at each location processing component. Then, to ensure the correct structure and properties, it must be able to control the temperature. Where necessary, using computer-controlled punching machine press part, the part deformed little by little. By learning how to make the previous parts, the computer can determine how to move next and percussion part, for better shape and properties. From basic technology to industrial clusters A recent study showed that all of these underlying technologies are developing rapidly, the best way is fused them as a practical manufacturing technology quickly together Control Engineering Copyright [ 123], and thus the development of industrial clusters. And in recent decades, cases tend to cluster technology in the United States ofOutside: personal electronics manufacturing in Shenzhen China as the center, and advanced semiconductor equipment is settled in Singapore. The early industrial agglomeration is accidental, and later industrial agglomeration usually the result of a deliberate policy decisions. History shows that industrial agglomeration birthplace of available long-term business interests. Detroit cars, Silicon Valley computer, Toledo glass manufacturing, Minneapolis also has medical equipment engineering, but there Akron Polymer Engineering. Akron was once known as the “rubber capital of the world”, the tire industry developed, but due to move out of manufacturing plants in the 1980s and early 1990s recession, the economic downturn. For decades, the University of Akron continue to train local scientists and engineers in the polymer industry, large tire enterprises to establish a laboratory and related infrastructure, provide good training model and research environment. These out of university and technical talents, rediscover the direction of the industry in this region. Previous rubber industry skilled workers re-employment, the labor force basis for the development of polymer industry. Meanwhile, Akron has also established a global business accelerator, speed up technology incubators, provide a venue for the business enterprise technology, facilities and project funding. With previous industrial base, Akron rapid development of the ability to develop synthetic materials, polymers successful transformation into a global industry leader. Small note many great technology born in the United States, manufacturing elsewhere. For example, many smartphones are the core technology in the United States developed in the laboratory, but the production line has been all over the world. Next wave of innovation is likely to focus on personnel training and plant improvement skills. The forging machine, it gave the United States the opportunity to become leaders. Core keep this virtuous cycle is CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , back to the factory, the development of the factory, the machine manufacturing machine.

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