Rockwell Automation System Integrator program and added new strength, help enterprises to enhance the level of machine safety

The moment, many industrial companies are seeking various ways to meet the immediate period under the premise of machine safety systems of various complex requirements, to achieve a comprehensive productivity gains. Today, Control Engineering Copyright , these companies will be available through the Rockwell Automation Machine Security System Integrator program for more help. Recently, Rockwell Automation System Integrator Program Adds Three power. This program is designed to focus on the current safety standards, and has a sophisticated security system design capabilities of systems integrators come together, between them and the industrial enterprises to build a bridge of communication. Today, Control Engineering Copyright , the program has 45 members, all over the world. “Working with qualified systems integrators that can help manufacturers to ensure that the system meets current safety standards, while achieving overall productivity gains,” Rockwell Automation is detected, vice president of security and connectivity products business and general manager of Lee Lane He said: “security is not a topic may have to use modern enterprise security technology to ensure security compliance and create a positive safety culture, in order to reduce unplanned downtime, greatly enhance worker safety, to attract more outstanding. At the same time employees cONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , to avoid brain drain “a new member of Rockwell automation machine security system integrator program include:. ● Matrix Technologies control Engineering Copyright , Inc. to provide automated control system for the United States in many industries enterprise integration, intelligent manufacturing and operations facilities and technology and process engineering services. The company is headquartered near Toledo, Ohio, with offices in Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Denver and Atlanta. ● Automation Group for the food and beverage industry to provide sophisticated automation, networking and virtualization solutions and integration services. Headquartered in California, Mohammed Stowe CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , in California and Nevada with offices. ● Factory Automation Systems forUS companies each provide turnkey automation and robotics solutions. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, mainly to provide support for building products, food and beverage processing, consumer goods, metals, automotive and aerospace industries. Matrix Technologies Control Engineering Copyright , Inc is a Rockwell Automation solution partner. Factory Automation Systems Automation Group and Rockwell Automation are authorized system integrators. To join Machine Security System Integrator program, the candidate must be a business solution partners or authorization system Rockwell Automation Partner Alliance Program integrators, and should have experience in the field of machine safety three to five years. Candidate companies also need to pass a rigorous training and assessment process. Rockwell Automation accept third-party certification Tü or Exida industry issued by a recognized organization. After more than meet the basic requirements, each candidate enterprise security engineer needs to accept the theme of a number of machine safety training. Finally, CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , each candidate company must submit a copy machine safety project proposals in line with global standards.

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