Ru Li Zhuo new solution glamorous

Global electronic components distributor Ru Li Zhuo (Rutronik) to participate in 2019 Shanghai Electronics Show in Munich. Through this important industry event, Confucianism Zhuo elite force expected to make the domestic electronics industry to more in-depth understanding of customized products and services provided by the company in RUTRONIK EMBEDDED, RUTRONIK SMART, RUTRONIK POWER and four areas RUTRONIK AUTOMOTIVE www.cechina. cn , wherein the battery management including top (BMS) physical interconnection (the IoT) solution.
Ru Zhuoli four solutions presentation stand, and comprising a LED lighting things Bluetooth Mesh LED lamp; LIN-RGB light cars; for the UAV, household cleaning robot, various human infrared sensor market detection and ranging products, and intelligent home appliances suitable for temperature and humidity sensors. In addition, Ru Li Zhuo booth showcased the latest products Vishay, Keko, such as the giant number of major vendors, and they will be equipped with their own dedicated workstations to demonstrate and promote their wide range of innovative technologies and products. For example, , Ru Li Zhuo in conjunction with the giant demonstrated a variety of high-quality automotive products together. Including chip resistors, and the newly acquired antenna circuit protection assembly line, and AC, AS and AQ series ceramic capacitors. Sales director from Yageo Suzhou Office also stand to communicate and exchange visitors. Yageo company sales director Zheng Qicong said:. “Yageo very happy 40 years has worked closely with Confucianism Zhuo force in the past, the success of passive components to provide high quality solutions and services to many automotive and industrial customers we expect the portfolio from MLCC resistor and extended to the newly acquired product line Copyright control Engineering , comprising circuit protection, power transformers, interconnect module, a power inductor and an antenna. “Michael Heinrich Zhuo Ru represents Asia Managing : “since 2011 Ru Li Zhuo to enter the Chinese market, Yageo has become a strong backing for our customers in China and services we are pleased to be able to debut in Munich with giant Shanghai Electronics Show to meet with domestic visitors visited the exhibition, and. showcase our high-quality products, especially the giant. “Confucianism Zhuo for electronics in the automotive industryMr. force marketing communications director Frank Klemmer revealed that the current crop of hot artificial intelligence, Ru Li Zhuo has already done plenty of preparation, Confucianism Zhuo force will increase its support for the local market, drive cars, networking and consumer products market segments to achieve sustained growth. In 2018, recruiting is an important part of Confucian Zhuo force expansion in the Asian market, and the entire recruitment process will continue until 2020 CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , during which the number of recruits across the region will growth rate of 20% per year to 50%. Overall, the 2018 Ru Li Zhuo in the number of employees in Asia increased by 50%, new employees, including elite in their respective fields, including experts in the automotive, industrial processes and automation, as well as in the field of rapid development of the Internet of Things. Ru Li Zhuo expand human resources in Southeast Asia and Greater China, also includes the online business platform Rutronik24 build local support team for Control Engineering Copyright , the goal is to further expand in mainland China and Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia market coverage.

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