Schneider Electric to bring several new products for green intelligent manufacturing

As the highest-level annual event Schneider Electric, “Schneider Electric China Innovation Summit 2019” in order to “create a win-win, sharing” as the theme, held in Xiamen, share brought about by the new dynamics of how digital power industry to accelerate the transformation and upgrading. Schneider Electric began many years ago in order to focus on the things (IoT) enabling industry solutions, continue to promote the digital transformation of the industry. In EcoStruxure architecture is based on the Internet of Things, Schneider Electric industry segments with a higher level of expertise to achieve a comprehensive coverage of discrete industry, process industry and hybrid industry, and this year is a leap year Gartner Supply Chain Top 25 of the world’s first 11. As Senior Vice President of Schneider Electric, head of the industrial automation business in China Pang Xingjian said, “relying on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform, intelligent green manufacturing is becoming the new leader in the track competition, and its development is bound to continue to advance digital interoperability and change management, encourage enterprises to become data-driven assets from concern, to help managers in various fields to achieve digital machines and processes CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , in order to achieve efficient and sustainable productivity gains . “
Pangxing Jian, senior vice president of Schneider electric, head of the industrial automation business in China
as an important part of Schneider electric intelligent green manufacturing solutions based on EcoStruxure platform architecture, a series of heavy industrial automation business product release in the summit, including two-factor authentication process and information security controller Tricon CX, motion logic controller Modicon M262, as well as a variety of digital services (APP). Tricon CX 11.4: lead the safety and efficiency of oil and gas in the chemical industry a comprehensive upgrade the venue, the Schneider Electric brought Tricon CX 11.4 EcoStruxure Triconex safety instrumented system is the latest version of the function, by two-factor authentication:?? Is in line with the IEC 61508 standard by the German T? V Rheinland certification, safety integrity level to level 3, while achieving ISASecure? embedded device security (EDSA) a certification which is the industry-leading control systems, network security systems and system components safety certificate. Tricon CX 11.4 version to meet the oil and gas, refining, petrochemical, power and other high-risk industries for functional safety, information security, reduce risk and strict requirements of continuous operation. “As the industry’s first two-factor authentication by the safety instrumented system, Tricon CX reliability of 11.4 called the industry leaders, can achieve safe and reliable operation of CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the protection of client assets, personnel and environmental safety while helping customers achieve profitability. “Pang Xingjian for Tricon CX 11.4 confident. Modicon M262 + TeSys island: machine manufacturers to enhance efficiency and reduce the cost of network connection process industry was the rapid spread of the Internet of Things, the machine manufacturer must be able to provide machine management and interoperability, in order to improve the efficiency of end-users. Schneider Electric Modicon M262 launch innovative high-performance logic Lian linear motion control PLC, high-speed dual-core CPU, support MQTT internet protocol network cloud object, the machine manufacturer can save costs and connected cloud of things; 5 independent Ethernet networks, open network to expand more likely; supports up to 16 axes of synchronized servo axes; Ethernet master station can support up to 64 slaves; unified programming platform for experts to make the machine more efficient programming and debugging. Plug Modicon M262 embedded system allows access to a network configuration for convenient installation and replacement without the device. This will reduce about 50% of commissioning and service work.
Modicon M262 Lian linear motion control performance logic in the PLC had previously 2019 Hannover Fair stunning debut TeSys island digital motor control and protection system, so that an original equipment manufacturer (OEM manufacturer) can be easily deployed for industrial IOT machine. Modicon M262, TeSys island with EcoStruxure machine configuration debugging software experts, as well as with the selection tool EcoStruxure, allow several teams to program design and quality control, can help OEMs speed time to market. TeSys island for industrial uses practical application of innovative TeSys AvatarFunction block, like the creation of a digital twin is located above the actual hardware control, can help users achieve more efficient device integration. Compared with the traditional solutions, TeSys island eliminate control circuit wiring needs, but also reduces the need for conventional I / O modules, so that the speed of device integration 40%, 30% and reduced installation costs. Several new applications and services EcoStruxure consultant: customers accelerate the digitization process according to Gartner’s latest forecast, by 2020, global installed capacity of Things interoperability of equipment more than 200 million units by 2030, the global economy will make things industry scale increase of $ 14 trillion. To speed up the process of digitizing all areas , Schneider Electric has introduced seven new EcoStruxure advisers applications and services CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , from the safe, reliable and efficient sustainable and interconnection providing more value for customers, allowing users to quickly and easily turn digital transformation journey. Up to now, EcoStruxure has been deployed in more than 480,000 worldwide installation site, was supported by over 20,000 system integrators and developers through a variety of digital services 40 manages assets of more than 1.6 million copies in the cloud. Latest EcoStruxure advisers applications and services in five models developed specifically for industrial customers: ● EcoStruxure electricity consultant and expert advice combined with advanced algorithms to identify loopholes or problems in the power management system, as well as large-scale power delivery system power quality problems; ● EcoStruxure process safety advisor is a digital platform for process safety and service through real-time data from multiple sites and geographic locations will come from, analysis and insight integrated into a unified user interface , enabling customers to create real-time group-level risk document; ● EcoStruxure equipment efficiency consultant for operational performance, availability, quality and overall equipment efficiency (OEE) for the collection, measurement, analysis and reporting. Able to record and measure the persistence of manufacturing environments, not easily found in a slight loss; ● EcoStruxure Pump Performance Advisor can improve domestic water and wastewater pumping stations of performance, efficiency and sustainability, providing cost estimates for the maintenance of users; ● EcoStruxure CIP consultant with retroactive and diagnostic capabilities, product loss monitoring, energy monitoring billboards, provides real-time report CIP monitoring tools to help food and beverage companies to eliminate losses and reduce consumption. Meanwhile, in order to better work together to promote smart green manufacturing business customers, operate independently of Schneider Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was formally established in May in Beijing. For this initiative, Pang Xingjian said Schneider Electric intelligent manufacturing operations will operate independently, will be more flexible and efficient form of service the Chinese market, will better support the implementation of intelligent manufacturing business, so that more Chinese businesses to appreciate digital transformation brought about tangible benefits.

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