Schumacher is still not awake. He is seriously injured because of a problem with the helmet camera.

Schumacher Skiing Profile.

China News Service, February 17th, F1 former world champion, Germany “Car King” Schumacher accidentally injured his head while skiing in France at the end of last year, and he was still unconscious after 7 weeks of coma. Foreign media reported on the 16th that the investigators suspected that the camera on the helmet worn by Schumacher on the day of skiing might weaken the structure of the helmet, causing Schumacher to be hit hard.

On the day of the incident, Schumacher wore a ski helmet with a camera and photographed his 14-year-old son. However, according to sources, when Schumacher’s head was hit, the helmet was completely damaged, at least broken into two halves. According to the source, the investigators were puzzled by the serious damage to the helmet and were testing whether the helmet structure was damaged by the camera.

In addition, the prosecutor is expected to confirm on the 17th that ski resorts and ski equipment manufacturers have nothing to do with Schumacher’s injury. According to sources, the skis and ski boots used by Schumacher are in good condition.

Schumacher suffered an accident while skiing at the Meribel ski resort in France on December 29 last year, causing serious head injuries and subsequent coma. Recently, the hospital began to launch a wake-up procedure for Schumacher, but Schumacher did not respond to the awakening of drugs. Whether he can recover or not is still a huge unknown.

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