Sensors 2019 World Congress will be opening tomorrow in Zhengzhou

Today, the Henan Provincial Government Information Office held a “2019 World Assembly sensor press conference”, the sensor 2019 World Conference & Expo will be held in Zhengzhou, November 9 to 11 days.
2019 World Assembly sensor from the People’s Republic of China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Science and Technology Association, People’s Government of Henan Province guidance, China Instrument Society, Henan Province Development and Reform Commission, Science and Technology Department of Henan Province, Henan Province and industrial information technology Department, Foreign Affairs office of the CPC Henan Provincial Committee, Science and technology Association of Henan Province, Zhengzhou Municipal people’s government, China instrument Society, Zhengzhou national Hi-Tech industrial Development Zone management Committee Co. Conference was informed that the World Assembly will be held for three sensors in Zhengzhou, this is the second session, designed to create advanced technologies, applications prosperity, improve the industrial chain, favorable business environment sensor industry eco-development system, boost construction the country’s major industrial base characteristics of smart sensors, smart sensors internationally renowned construction demonstration city to create “new logo” Zhengzhou economic development.
Zhengzhou Deputy Mayor Shi Zhanyong for Shizhan Yong, vice mayor of Zhengzhou city government as the main publisher of the conference, introduced the theme of the conference agenda, agenda-setting, high-end forum, show the scale , supporting activities, innovation and highlights the value of significance. This General Assembly to “perceive the world, wisdom to win the future” as the theme to “international, intellectual, professional,” featuring the latest achievements in the world dedicated to the exchange of sensor technology, and industrial applications, promote government, industry, academia, research, and with gold, media and other sectors of cooperation, to build a global brand Eco sensor industry event. After nearly a year of careful efforts to present, the preparatory work of the Assembly has been basically completed. “The General Assembly General Assembly by the sensor, the sensor industry exhibition, sensor innovation competition (finals) (for a while to show a game) composed of three plates.” Shizhan Yong said, compared with 2018 first World Assembly sensor, the main topic at the meeting, forum content , show the scale and other aspects of upgrading and improvement. Presents five major characteristics: (a) a higher degree of internationalization. The conference has been invited to the world in the field of sensors, including the United States, Japan, Germany, Britain, Italy, South Korea and other eight countries and regions, 13 international and domestic organizations to participate in the General Assembly, and keynote speeches respectively. Including Japan, Kyoto automation Union, the German Association of the sensor and measurement technology, OPC FoundationGerman Electrotechnical Commission, the Royal Institute of British engineering technology, measurement and control of the Royal Society of Great Britain, Italy and other instruments Manufacturers Association. In addition Control Engineering Copyright , which also selected professional organizations or associations five international organizations as a sponsor, set up guest country – Germany. Finally, participants will also have professional foreign guests, mainly to invite the United States, Germany, Japan, Britain, Italy, Korea, the Netherlands and other 21 countries specialized in the sensor industry, professors, scholars and business executives. Whether it is the number of distinguished guests, hierarchical, or sectors, geographical distribution, it is fully reflected international Assembly and specialized features to enhance the size and influence of the meeting. (B) Attendees lineup. The conference much industry attention, the State Ministry of Industry, China Association for Science and the relevant leaders will come to the General Assembly, the leadership of the provincial government, the municipal government will also attend the meeting. Including the China Association Vice Chairman Li Hua, Deputy Director of the Ministry of Electronic Information Division Renai Guang, executive vice president of the China Machinery Industry Federation and other ministries Xue Yiping leadership. Has identified the participants of Chinese Academy of Engineering have YOU Zheng, Jin Guofan, Zhou Liwei, Yao Quan, Jiang Zhuang and Germany has 12, also invited to the three US National Academy of Engineering, the American Medical and Biological Engineering Academy, National Academy of Engineering in Canada and more than 50 well-known scholars to attend. It has determined that executives attending the conference are from Siemens, Panasonic, Honeywell, GE, Ali, Jingdong, Dassault, PetroChina, China Aerospace Research Institute and other companies. Including the world’s top 500, China 500 and sensor industry leading companies, more than 300 companies participate in the fair. (C) The General Assembly is much more abundant. First of all, this year will be released “China (Zhengzhou) Intelligent Sensing Valley Plan” report the results, the unit is planning CCID Institute CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , by the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Vice President of Tsinghua YOU Zheng to review by the assessment team leader team, meanwhile, prepared a three-year action plan sensing valley construction. Secondly, according to the relevant content Plan and three-year action plan to develop sensor industry support policy, published simultaneously in the General Assembly on the sensor. Especially after the 2018 first World Assembly sensors, sensor developed industrial investment projects, through close interface with the China Instrument Society, research institutes, key enterprises, landing a number of projects contracted, reflecting investment results over the past year in the General Assembly. (four)Forum specialization continued to improve. The General Assembly to “perceive the world-wisdom to win the future” as its theme, arrange the main forum, parallel forums, innovation contest and many other activities. General Assembly, highlighting forward-looking forum, invited academicians, on the future direction of smart sensors market, demand for expert analysis from different angles or areas, the problem is smart sensor design, development, packaging, testing, technology, standards and other hot and difficult and solutions for the future development trend of the topic. In addition, the conference held 12 thematic forums, highlighting market-oriented and application-oriented Control Engineering Copyright , in a study involving smart MEMS sensors, applications of artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacturing, vehicle networking, 5G, etc. , Zhengzhou and the future development of the sensor industry is highly compatible. And, during the General Assembly will be “China (International) Sensor Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition” finals selection, via the contest to explore innovative technology and talent in the field of intelligent sensing Control Engineering Copyright , lay a solid foundation for future development, create conditions to further promote the development of smart sensor industry. Currently, there are more than 160 submitted works team, 81 team finalists. (E) show the scale, science and technology more prominent. To enable more people know smart sensors, smart sensors to understand, share dividend bring intelligent sensors, the General Assembly arranged for an area of ​​18,000 square meters of exhibition area, set up an international theme, several topics local demonstration, intelligent applications exhibition. Outside the theme of the exhibition is not only more diversified, the more than 150 exhibitors, more than 3500 square meters area of ​​special equipment, special equipment to reach number 70. Applications and market-oriented guide protrusion Copyright Control Engineering , chain lengthening participating companies, mainly extend art development, production, application of the sensor on the downstream industries industries, form a chain. World five hundred exhibitors are Siemens, Panasonic, Honeywell, GE, Omron, Jingdong, Microsoft, oil and other exhibitors scale is unprecedented, also show means more science and technology. The conference will showcase AC Smart Sensor technology industry enterprises Control Engineering Copyright , invited sensor products to companies with interactive experience area, man-machine interaction with the audience will be to promote the field of smart sensors research out of the laboratory out of business, to business applications, to the majority of people’s lives. in recent years, The state attaches great importance to the development of smart sensor industry, the provincial government also high hopes for Valley Construction (Zhengzhou) smart sensor China. “CPC Henan Provincial People’s Government of Henan Province, a number of observations support the construction of the National Center of the city” made it clear “the construction of China (Zhengzhou) smart sensor Valley. Smart sensors and support the creation of a national innovation center to promote research and development of MEMS MEMS pilot platform. ” Municipal government and steadfast determination. City Hall had developed a smart sensor industry training project, clearly stated, “After 3-5 years of development, the city’s industrial smart sensors basically showing advanced technologies, applications prosperity, improve the industrial chain of the ecosystem, to create China (Zhengzhou) smart sensor Valley, has become the country’s major industrial base characteristics of smart sensors, smart sensors into an international well-known application model city. ” Zhengzhou High-tech Development Zone as the first in Henan Province, the State Council approved the first batch of state-level high-tech zones and the National Innovation Demonstration Zone core area, after years of development, the sensor research and development and industrialization has formed a good development advantages, have to Hanwei Electronics, represented by domestic enterprises, gathering new Cape, Suntime technology, light edge technology and other listed companies, represented by the sensor 54 industries and enterprises, technologies and products in the leading domestic level, industry level of living in the country upstream. Zhengzhou High-tech Zone will also be listed as a top ten starting point for intelligent sensing Valley project level, and the joint China Instrument Society successfully hosted the first World Assembly sensor. Earlier this year, after a public tender, Zhengzhou High-tech Zone officially commissioned by institutions directly under the Ministry of Industry, China’s first listed company CCID Consulting Institute, the preparation of China (Zhengzhou) smart sensor Valley industry development plan. Meanwhile, China Instrument Society and commissioned Ernst & Young Consulting Group, advantages in terms of industrial development, key technology and international perspective, market demand, and planning advice and modification. Research and analysis into the planning, the first draft is completed, comments, revise planning, mid-argument, mid-course corrections, final feasibility studies, planning and publishing eight stages. October 20, China (Zhengzhou) smart sensor Valley Industry Development Plan Final demonstration will be held in Zhengzhou, China Academy of Engineering, Vice President of Tsinghua University, especially the government and other experts around the planned upgrade optimization, suggestions and comments. Plan mainly includes six parts: First, industry background and trends in smart sensors; the second is a local industrial base; Third, the development ideas and goals; Fourth, the development priorities and paths; Fifth, major projects and shouldUse; Sixth, supporting policies and safeguards. Planning text analyzes the foundation and conditions for intelligent sensor industry in Zhengzhou City, put forward the guiding ideology Valley Construction (Zhengzhou) smart sensor China, the development of ideas and development goals; clear the “Valley of a multi-point” of the industrial layout, the focus build smart sensor materials, intelligent sensor systems, intelligent sensor terminal “three industrial clusters”, the development of environmental sensors, intelligent terminal sensors, automotive sensors “three characteristics of industrial chain,” to promote intelligent sensor Zhengzhou City industrial scale, characteristic , differentiated, high-end development. Meanwhile, the high-tech zone as the core, plan 3-4 km2 smart sensor industry town, township building, including content of industrial layout, industrial ecology layout, post live balanced layout. The next step, according to China (Zhengzhou) smart sensor Valley development plan and the main content of the three-year action plan, the introduction of appropriate support industrial development policy, including the introduction of the project, the service system, technology development, market applications, enterprise training, personnel incentives, financial support, industrial ecology, referred to as “industrial policy sensor ten.” Now finalized, intends to publish in the New District of Hua-chi hotel in the afternoon of November 9, 2019 World platform resources relying on sensors Congress, attract global resources and elements converge to China, gather to Henan, China Zhengzhou power smart sensor Valley “Zhengzhou” symbol investment, Talent Fair, shaping the sensor industry.

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