SIAF Guangzhou 2019 come to an end

Guangzhou International Industrial Automation Technology and Equipment Exhibition (SIAF) has successfully concluded March 12 , high innovative exhibitors and visitors crowd the same time, it also makes us feel the audience ifm booth products and high enthusiasm. Discussion forums, check it out during the show, we shared ifm through discussion forums “perception of pulsation device, create digital factory” concept and practical application. What is “predictive maintenance”?
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explained in detail by ifm software and hardware combined with mature IO-Link technology, real-time data acquisition, remote monitoring, to take timely measures to cope with adverse conditions, to achieve predictive maintenance control Engineering Copyright , avoid equipment downtime without warning affect the overall efficiency of production, digital factory in shaping the industrial environment 4.0. Overall application solutions smart fluid device integrated location based, fluid type, vibration type and many other products, integrated O3D vision camera and RFID analog forklift, IO-Link Tank food grade solutions photoelectric ultrasonic, AS-i bus, the mobile machinery and other collective debut LR many hardware and software, the exhibition shows the audience for the scene ifm large family of products and how to use our smart products to provide you with the overall application solutions. Big World, analog induced heart forklift
points acquired by the camera ifm O3D ToF cloud screen , to the controller Copyright Control Engineering [ 123], can be captured to produce pallet horizontal position and angle change conditions, even pallets can be moved to achieve efficient, precise fork to take goods. UHF RFID products can be achieved in the simulation AGV front pallet probe CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , pallet identification number and information on the goods pallet, so that the goods on the pallet statistics, and with data in the database for comparison. lower half of the smart fluid device incorporates a vibration sensor, a magnetic sensor security class, includes a display screen and a fluid monitoring products.
Smart device via fluid LR SMARTOBSERVER continuous condition monitoring, data evaluation, and equipment maintenance and management. Hot spot
audience participation
round-table talks on the great interest in the visual and RFID products – provide exclusive solutions
Depending on the application

are pleased that through this exhibition SIAF user with the South China region we have the opportunity to meet face to face, so that they better understand the potential and tremendous energy ifm innovative products, but also hope to solve more difficult for users through our smart products. We look forward to next year with you the same SIAF Guangzhou again!

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