Siemens China Power Industry to digital transition has taken a solid step

· debut 2019 China International Industry Fair, all-round display cover assessment, consulting, integration, product mix and one-stop service implementation and data services · joint CCID consonance jointly launched a new digital enterprise capability assessment model, help enterprises accurate implementation of digital Frontiers edge computing, cutting-edge technology of artificial intelligence and additive manufacturing and other industrial application · with a number of companies signed a cooperation agreement to promote the digital transformation of pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries and industrial application of additive manufacturing of
Siemens to “digital enterprise -! Thoughts on the future” is the theme debut 2019 China international industry Fair. In this Expo , Siemens in China for the first time a comprehensive picture through the assessment, consulting, integration, implementation and data services, covering the whole cycle of enterprise digital transformation of one-stop service and product portfolio to help all sizes and stages of development to solve the pain points of the digital transformation of the way and difficult, will help Chinese enterprises floor is a real digital transformation. At the same time CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , a live demonstration of Siemens prospect edge computing, artificial intelligence, additive manufacturing and industrial 5G and other cutting-edge technology in the industry, opening new possibilities in terms of efficiency and flexibility . Siemens also signed cooperation agreements with several companies Control Engineering Copyright , to help customers pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries continue to promote the digital transformation, and with additive manufacturing equipment suppliers to develop the industrial application of additive manufacturing . The global industry value chain is undergoing a new round of reform, Chinese industry with a huge market size, mature industry ecosystem and the unique advantages of high-quality talent, there is an urgent need to rely on digital technology to meet the market for customized, innovative products and speed higher quality requirements. Executive Vice President of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd., general manager of Greater China, Siemens digital industrial Group, Wang Haibin, said: “Siemens can provide customers with a unique one-stop digital enterprise solutions, with a wealth of industry software, the world’s leading portfolio of industry and networking based on open cloud operating system was MindSphere control Engineering Copyright , we are able to create products covered, twin digital production and performance of the whole value chain in order to achieve greater flexibility,Higher productivity, shorter time to market and better product quality, help Chinese enterprises made a solid step forward in the digital transition. “
During the exhibition, Siemens joint intelligent manufacturing assessment consultancy CCID consonance jointly launched a new” digital business portrait. “- Digital Enterprise Capability Assessment (Digital Enterprise Portrait) preamble version of the model was first released in 2018, has generated nearly 3,000 assessment report. the upgraded “digital enterprise portrait of” relying on Siemens to support global thousands of customers in different sectors of the digital transition experience and its own digital production operation management system, combined with intelligent manufacturing assessment experience CCID consonance, from strategic planning, organizational management, systems integration, production management, data management, cutting-edge applications of the six dimensions for enterprises comprehensive assessment of digital capacity and development status, to help enterprises accurately grasp the best entry point and the course of action the implementation of digital industrial enterprise digital transition the high complexity means that companies need the help of professional digital consulting services “tailored” to create customized digital transformation program. Siemens digital consulting team based on strong technical expertise and industry experience, the complex enterprise system Decoupling is the multiple perspectives of business processes, applications, data, and operation CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , to ensure efficient propulsion and landing digital transformation projects. During the exhibition, Siemens and Nippon Investment Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement for industrial coatings Nippon digital Factory project to provide comprehensive technical advisory services to help them build China’s paint industry benchmark digital factory. Siemens by exploring cutting-edge technology and product portfolio edge computing, artificial intelligence, additive manufacturing and industrial 5G, etc. the integration will help industrial enterprises to use new, broader way to benefit from the rapid growth in the amount of data. Siemens and Hunan Hua Shu-tech Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation framework additive manufacturing agreement in the same period of the exhibition, will NX provides end to end software and totally integrated automation solutions for digital twins, the two sides will develop additive manufacturing for industrial application scenarios expand all-round cooperation. during the exhibition, Siemens to further expand cooperation with Chinese enterprises. Siemens and China pharmaceutical Group joint Engineering limited Division signed a strategic cooperation to deepen the pharmaceutical industry agreement, both sides will be in the pharmaceutical industryExploration and practice solutions for further depth cooperation and work together to create practical example of the pharmaceutical industry, “Industry 4.0.” Siemens also signed a strategic cooperation agreement digital plant medicine and the Thai (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. to jointly explore SIPAT application and MindSphere in continuous production scenario in the traditional Chinese medicine industry. Over the same period, Siemens Automation and Jiangsu Kerui En Technology Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement through its advanced digital portfolio companies to build a digital platform to create digital factory model works. Siemens also with Cerberus Investment Group Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement to build and Innovation Center and take advantage of Siemens industrial software products to build intelligent manufacturing training platform, boosting digital upgrade local industry.

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