Smart upgrade soon, global industrial industry large data reconstruction

Currently, the world’s major countries, the industrial revolution set off a new round of “IT and manufacturing convergence” as the common characteristics, accelerate the development of a new generation of information technology, and promote the global industrial system with deep integration so as to seize the new round of industry competitive high ground. Whether it is to revive old national manufacturing in Europe and America, or the transformation of China’s manufacturing industry to enhance the CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , a large industrial data will play an irreplaceable role. 2019, China’s Ministry of Industry issued “Big Data Industry Development Guidance (draft)”, from the national level to promote the development of big data industry, and gradually activate industrial elements of potential data resources and improve data management and security capabilities. Intelligent restructuring and upgrading soon, a large industrial scale data gradual expansion in recent years, with the development of the reform of global industrialization, large-scale global industrial data is increasing. 2017 global market for large industrial data was $ 20.1 billion, year global market size data was 39.4 billion yuan, accounting for the total global industry Big Data Big Data size of more than 50%, showing that the industrial development of the global big data has become big business data the main areas. From our point of view, “Made in China 2025” put forward the future development of China’s industry to shift toward the intelligent Control Engineering Copyright , and the development of industry big data is an important motivating factor, at present, China has Guiyang layout of the building large data centers, the development of domestic industry big data provides the basis for support. According Guiyang Big Data Exchange statistics show that in 2017 China’s industrial big data market is about 212 yuan, an increase of 41.3% over the previous year, rapid growth. According to the development and support of the industrial policy of the country to promote the data is expected to increase the size of the domestic industry in 2018 to 29.2 billion yuan of big data. Provide decision support, large industrial data to create value for industrial production in the industrial production, the data is generated from time to time. Especially in the current development of information technology, electronics and mathematical techniques, sensors, networking and other technologies CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , a group of intelligent, high-precision, long navigation, cost-effective, miniaturized sensors came into being control Engineering Copyright , the amount of data collection rapid expansion. And large numbers around the industryAccording to new data processing and other infrastructure greatly reducing the technical barriers and costs of industrial data processing. Industrial property value of big data is essentially based on key technologies of large industrial data acquisition, storage, analysis, industrial production, operation and maintenance, the service process data to realize the value of upgrading or realization; Industrial Property Rights and the emphasis on big data by management mechanism and management methods to help industrial enterprises clear data assets catalog distributed data resources to determine ownership boundaries, to provide support for the value of the dig. Industrial Big Data by hand to find local products (industry) the most competitive , continue to dig the potential value of the data, and the establishment of industrial products and services around the data in this area capacity; on the other hand by determining the point where the pain is affecting development of industrial enterprises, costs, marketing, supply chain or energy consumption, in the era of data, looking for solutions big data opportunities.

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