Soft-fitted with such a carpet

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Basic knowledge of carpet


“Official”: noise reduction, thermal insulation, air quality improvement, artistic beautification effect, soft and flexible Protected.

Personalization: Play with the three-five friends on the carpet to kill the werewolf, and chat with each other; and interact more freely with the children; simply sit on the carpet in the winter and have coffee for dessert. Tea ~


Based on raw materials, household carpets mainly include pure wool carpets, chemical fiber carpets, plastic carpets and blended carpets.

According to the product form, full carpet, rug, and carpet. Here we mainly deal with rugs.

Based on the location of use, floor carpets and tapestries.

matching skills

Depending on the function of the room

Different functional areas, there are differences in carpet selection. For example, the carpet in the bedroom is biased towards creating a warm atmosphere, while the carpet in the living room is best to accentuate the atmosphere; the choice of carpet in the bathroom and kitchen is more practical.

According to the overall color and style of the room

Refining the main color of the home, matching the style, to determine the color of the carpet, to maintain the color coordination. If it is a Japanese-style cold wind decoration style, choose a red and purple purple carpet, such a contrast color can be repeatedly cautious.

Planning of carpeting area

The demand for carpets varies from person to person. For example, if you only want to get out of bed, there is a warm foot on the bed, you can just lay it on the edge of the bed; if you are in the living room, you can just choose to lay under the coffee table, or you can pack the entire sofa leisure area. So on-demand purchase is the best choice.

Selection of patterns

The carpets of stripes and geometric patterns are more modern, and when used properly, the visual effect of the space can be extended. The carved carpet is more European and Chinese style, with a traditional ethnic or court style. The solid color pattern may be more monotonous, but it has a low-key luxury and heavy feeling. It can also be used in a home style with more color matching to neutralize the color. The creative pattern of the carpet is more in line with the pursuit of young people, and it is easy to lay in the corner, which enhances the liveliness of the room at once, but it should not be used in a large area, otherwise it will be too fancy~

Follow the style
Japanese style

Japanese style home decoration is mostly based on wood color, and the furniture in the room is very simple. The overall feeling of wood color is very close, so in Japanese style In a style home, if you want to match a suitable carpet, you should choose a fresh and natural light-colored carpet.

Northern style

Nordic style home decoration can have a variety of choices in the carpet, most of them will choose simple and regular patterns or carpets with strong lines. Large-area rugs are suitable for homes with sufficient space and a single color of furniture, while the Nordic style of small spaces can choose small rugs that match the color of furniture.


European style is more luxurious, the color of the carpet can be used more abundantly, and some retro styles of Rococo can be used. The material selection is generally wool, which is mostly graded.

New Chinese style

The new Chinese style home choice carpet can be selected from flowers or plain, mainly based on the elements of the home decoration, if the color of the indoor items is simple, You can choose to spend a little more carpet, which will be more full; the small-sized Chinese home decoration is still mainly based on the prime, which will make the space brighter.

Following the color of the floor and furniture

Deep furniture+deep floor

In the home of dark furniture and floor To match the carpet, it is best to use light color, so as not to make the interior color sink, but it plays a neutral role.

Deep furniture+shallow floor

In this case, it is best to choose the intermediate color that is lighter than the furniture and darker than the floor color. Hue, this will make the whole space have a regional, which increases the layering of the space.

Light furniture + deep floor

When the floor is dark, the light color of the furniture is even less weighty. At this time, the carpet can choose a lighter color than the furniture. The main color, this will not make the home too dull, it will make the furniture more weight.

Light furniture + light floor

When the interior is dominated by light tones, the carpet will be accented at this time to neutralize this feeling of floating, so that the whole More harmonious and balanced.

The large living room is vivid under the decoration of a handmade wool carpet. The pattern is a chic V-shape, with a red and white combination that has a visual impact and an overall visual effect with a dramatic color.

In this simple and stylish living room, a beautiful carpet becomes the focus of the vision. It is made up of several large triangles. The black, white and yellow colors are matched in the living room. There are echoes in the corners, prominent but not awkward.

If the kitchen is monotonous white, even if you have prepared a rich gourmet feast, it may look dull. An Aztec-style rug, a combination of colorful diamonds, makes the kitchen vivid.
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