SoftBrands hit Automation Show 2019 Industry Fair

You are invited to visit Sibo Industrial Fair 2019 hit Automation Show Invitation to visit Cybertron at IAS 2019 Exhibition / Expo Information Date /Date:2019.09.17-2019.09.21 Place / Venue: Shanghai Hongqiao National Exhibition Center (Shanghai Hongqiao National convention and Exhibition Center) booth /Booth:6.1H-F187
Sibo record (Cybertron Technology) to “end to end” things integration provides innovative and comprehensive products and solutions. Firefinch SoftBrands is creating its own research and development of end-of Things ecosystem can remotely connect all the “things”, device management and data collection. It is fully integrated with cloud services, and further realize the real-time event management, rich data analysis and visualization. It makes things application developers and integrators to rapidly complete product deployment CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , things quickly cut into the market.
Cybertron Technology provides innovative and comprehensive products and solutions for “end-to-end” IoT integration. Firefinch is an end-to-end IoT ecosystem that remotely connects all “things”, manages devices and collects data. It fully integrates with cloud services that further allows real time event management , rich analytics and visualization. It enables IoT application developers and integrators to swiftly deploy their products to the market.
Sincerely, Best Regards SoftBrands Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Chong Cybertron Technology Co., Ltd

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