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  Many villa decoration owners pay great attention to the quality of sleep, especially when they are in the noisy city, there is still a tweeter from the side of the road, early Noise from the city, etc., will affect our lives more or less. Therefore, we must start from a multi-faceted perspective of home life to achieve better sound insulation and reduce the impact of outdoor noise on us. So, how is Dongyi Risheng doing?

  1, rough Wall

  The main reason for the echo in the bedroom is that the wall is smooth, and the principle of echo is similar to the light reflection. , can be reflected through the smooth wall. Therefore, the rough wall surface can effectively reduce the indoor echo method, in addition, the selection of sound insulation materials in the wall and ceiling decoration can also receive good results.

&emsp ; 2, install thick windows and doors

  Environmental noise is mainly transmitted from the window gap, In most cases, a single-layer insulating glass window with better material quality can achieve better sound insulation, and for those living along the road, it is especially necessary to install a double-layer hollow glass window with good sound insulation.
  The double-glazed glass window is actually a layer of insulating glass than the single-layer insulating glass window, between the two sides of the glass There is a vacuum layer, and the vacuum layer can isolate the sound transmission. Generally, the sound insulation window larger than 1mm is better.

&emsp ; 3, fabric multi-purpose point

   can achieve better sound insulation by using more fabrics, especially It is a relatively large and relatively empty room, and the curtains can be properly installed. The carpet can achieve the sound-absorbing effect. The thick curtains installed in the home can not only block the strong light from entering the room, but also resist the noise outside.

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