South Bretagne College of Engineering, a multitude of buildings

Lorient is the capital of the province of Mobilbi in the northwestern part of Brittany, France. It is sparsely populated but has many higher education institutions, such as the University of South Bretagne, which is located in the city. It is very distinctive, and the building is mainly dominated by a wide range of colors.

The central part of the university is divided into two major sections, the amphitheatre and the cafeteria. The college was designed and built by ANMA, and artist David Saltiel also participated in the space design. Here, students, teachers, researchers and staff interact and experience a positive campus environment, sharing learning spaces and resources. ANMA is committed to creating a good learning and living environment for students to study with confidence. The campus’s architectural layout is compact and layered. The architects expanded the original classrooms, built new learning classrooms, and more learning spaces. The school’s plaza is a public space that leads to the urban area. The design is relatively open, drawing on the American campus model, and combining the scale and versatile design of the French campus. The planning and design of the school is also part of the urban planning, which also adds a lot to the city.

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