Started epidemic prevention and control of digital warfare! Big Data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other new measures to deal with the country becoming epidemic

At present, the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic caused by the spread still allow people to whom worried. Careful can be found in the fight against this epidemic, many high-tech “equipment” is the first line to play an important role.
epidemic implementation data (Source: Baidu)
AI booster temperature detection result of the Spring Festival return peak period overlaps with the epidemic prevention and control critical period, how well the epidemic prevention and control is particularly important during the spring. Face intensive transportation hub flow, high-speed rail stations, airports and other traditional hand-held “forehead thermometer gun” “ear thermometer” is clearly difficult to meet the demand Control Engineering Copyright , many places have increased efficient infrared body temperature rapid screening instrument for rapid detection of abnormal body temperature of passengers out. According to reports, these devices use infrared technology, can be quickly measured the body temperature of a large-scale movement of people, they only need a quick scan in crowded places by non-contact infrared temperature measurement methods, will be able to accurately complete human body temperature measurement. Which can then exhibit different colors on the display screen, direct determination “abnormal temperature.” This device can not only work 24 hours a day, but also reduce the probability of contagious to a large extent. For hundreds of thousands of transactions daily passenger railway stations and other transportation hubs, these complex environments in public places, if only to determine the high-temperature infrared detector articles abnormal temperature, temperature or background to carry passengers is very easy to inadvertently alert, waste detection human and impede traffic efficiency. So this year, many related companies have proposed the use of artificial intelligence technology, accurate identification of passengers within the detection area, cut off from the surrounding environment. Supercomputer support vaccine research and development with the epidemic continues, many people are very concerned about the progress of the development of vaccines and other related drugs. In this area, China in recent years to force the Supercomputer Center has begun to go all out. According to reports, both for the virus were sequenced, to find the source of the virus and the spread of the host, or the development of a vaccine or cure for the virus, Supercomputer Center have come in handy. For example, the traditional drug development need to be tested on hundreds of biological medicines in the laboratory, this process often have to spend a lot of time, supercomputing can greatly speed up the process. Earlier in the development of a cure for Ebola, British scientists will use the supercomputer to run special software, which records the data of one million kinds of drug ingredients, and these data will be the key protein of the Ebola virus pair, eventually found to affectThese proteins play a role in the composition. Then further validate the best computer components selected by biological tests. At present, China Supercomputer Center is more force to assist Chinese Center for Disease Control research and development of novel coronavirus vaccine, researchers are exploring the use of supercomputing were targets, drug screening, and lead compound optimization tests, toxicology and other studies. For example, after Sun Yat-sen School of Pharmacy, Professor Luo Haibin proposed January 24, “it requires a lot of computing resources to resist the new coronavirus drug screening and viral mutations predict” emergency needs, Shenzhen Super Computer Center quickly coordinated a lot of computing resources. In addition, many companies have also announced that free and open force operators to support virus gene sequencing, drug discovery, protein screening work to help research institutions to shorten the development cycle. Big Data help control the epidemic has become a right-hand man of large data management and control of the outbreak, the current use of cloud computing, big data and other technical data imputation accurate and informative analysis, it is particularly important, can effectively help the government carry out scientific decision-making. According to reports, over the use of big data can be analyzed after the outbreak the number of people flowing to the north of Guangzhou-Shenzhen and other cities, the number of people flows inland vast rural areas, understand their distribution situation Control Engineering Copyright , from a macro on predict how many people may be infected, to help the government put the decision-making supplies and control means. But also can accurately grasp the hidden infection were scattered everywhere. For example, based on big data can be informed before the Wuhan South China seafood market closed, the number of people who had been there, by tracking their information, and then get accurate prevention and control capabilities. Let’s look at what some of our provincial cities and counties response measures are taken: Anhui first use of 5G technology for novel coronavirus pneumonia medical records for remote consultation February 3, reporters from Angel Medical sophomore Affiliated learned to deal with novel coronavirus infection epidemic pneumonia, second Affiliated hospital of Anhui medical University, Hefei University of technology YANG Shan-lin academician joint team developed mobile cloud services platform , the new generation of information technology and internet technology in medical epidemic prevention and control, and achieved good results . This is the first time the use of 5G technology in Anhui Province, through the construction of cloud data processing system, isolation of patients, doctors and ward off-site doctor’s guidance and real-time interactive multi-terminal ward consultation. Haikou large data identification by airport personnel activities Laiqiong track reporter from the afternoon of February 2, held in Haikou City, the new coronavirus infection pneumonia epidemic prevention and controlMeilan Airport was informed of the work of stagnation special press conference, Haikou for accurate identification of airport personnel by moving into the big data management and control, the recent events in epidemic areas, leaving the focus epidemic less than 14 days are required in Health Services Management Center medical observation. At the operational level, first provided by the airline the next 1 to 3 days of planned arrivals of passenger information epidemic areas, the use of big data analysis system, passengers will classify, share and classified information to the 12345 hotline, Meilan airports, public security departments and district governments; then, 12345 service hotline by telephone, SMS contact the passenger himself, told the national, provincial and municipal level epidemic prevention and control, requirements and response measures to protect passengers from the point of view of himself and of public safety, it is recommended travelers change or cancel the trip to the sea, implement persuaded to return; coordination of the various airlines, ticket point, the high incidence of the epidemic of passengers carried out simultaneously inform persuaded to return to work when the passenger ticket and boarding. To adhere to the sea of ​​travelers, set up infrared imaging temperature control at the exit door of the arriving passengers temperature screening full coverage, reaching the entrance hall, arrange 24-hour duty-free interval rotation, strict doorway. Beijing novel coronavirus line on the map with the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic disease prevention and control situation is increasingly serious, the Beijing Economic and Information Technology and the Beijing Municipal Bureau of big data centers and resolutely implement the decisions and arrangements of the municipal government Copyright Control Engineering , the establishment of an emergency epidemic prevention and control within the Bureau big data working group, give full play to the powerful analysis of large data integration and implementation capacity, based on epidemic data released by the Beijing Municipal health health committee, using the Chinese New Year holiday time to develop complete map of the epidemic in Beijing, and on January 30 trial operation in Beijing online line government data resources, and actively respond to the Beijing epidemic prevention and control work. Map of the epidemic through visual map form, visual display of Beijing districts cumulative confirmed cases of the epidemic to the public in Beijing Government data network resources, and the cumulative number of cases to cure the current epidemic distribution. Meanwhile, the Beijing Municipal Government data network resources, Beijing will defend health committee epidemic data into machine-readable information format, providing data and public data download services to facilitate the development and application of the relevant enterprises and institutions to carry out epidemic data, and strive to converge more social strength, hand in hand, to overcome the difficulties. Shanghai telemedicine, medical data on the “cloud” 5G, artificial intelligence and other next-generation communications technology will play an important role in this war “plague” in. Recently, aDesigned for a specific scene epidemic prevention 5G intelligent robot is about to “sign in” Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital, Services Hospital prevention and control work. The movement launched by the Shanghai joint partners of intelligent robots to carry out care, disinfection and cleaning work through 5G cloud intelligent medical robots, to minimize the risk of cross-infection personnel, improve the management and control isolation ward. Epidemic prevention and control race against time. Early, Shanghai Mobile with partners urgently to complete the design, development, testing, production and a series of work. January 30, the first 5G prevention robots have quickly sent to the Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital infection ward, expected to be completed and put into use after the installation and commissioning in about February 3. Shanghai Mobile-based high-quality “4G + 5G” collaborative network, cloud the brain and robots private network, the hospital only fast, flexible and secure deployment and operation of intelligent robots that paragraph, 5G inject new strength for the battle of epidemic prevention and control. Guangzhou big data to help out Control Engineering Copyright , so that the community epidemic prevention and control, “paying attention” mobile terminal + big data, a key to self-reported epidemic – against back to the city after the Spring Festival peak, at present, Guangdong Province, Guangzhou Huangpu District on the line “there will be call · Huangpu District, epidemic prevention and control platform”, to grasp the region’s epidemic prevention and control situation. By real-time control of the health of residents reporting a dynamic situation residents pushed to provide needed community members grid, the grid members as appropriate, to verify the actual situation. Next, the system is perfect, the public can fill the needs of the “exhalation Bing · Huangpu District, epidemic prevention and control platform” message. Authorities after receiving the request, the door will immediately provide daily protection buy meat, drug-to-door delivery service, and effectively solve problems for home quarantine personnel. Jinan generation of information technology support since the epidemic prevention and control of pneumonia epidemic novel coronavirus infection occurs, Jinan City, Shandong Province, each IT service companies to act quickly and take advantage of cloud computing, big data, 5G and other new generation of information technology, and actively participate efficient epidemic prevention and control warfare. It is understood that after the outbreak, Hubei Province, the organization set up IT operation and maintenance of emergency communications team to ensure the smooth operation of Huanggang, Xiaogan City, Lichuan City, the three cloud data center business systems. At the same time, the wisdom of Jinan city public service platform – “Love Cities Network” APP on the emergency line “surmount epidemic prevention and control – in real-time epidemic broadcast” information services, to quickly understand the public health official information from across the Commission and other platforms; joint Medical sectionHospital on line “fever counseling clinic” on-line service, fever patients can be real-time online inquiry direct consultation with the doctor. Guangxi using big data information technology assistance epidemic prevention and control of large data Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Development Agency use of information technology to big data, take the initiative in epidemic prevention and control big data analysis. In addition to government service hotline 12345, the first time the organization of technical experts to the regional health committee butt data requirements, imputation Regional Public Security, Department of Education, Department of Communications, Housing and Construction Office and other 14 units of the relevant data, the use of Big Data technologies comprehensive statistical analysis, basic grasp of pathogens to enter the relevant data in Guangxi, to prevent the spread of the epidemic, effective prevention and control grid provided support large data. At the same time by the government of Guangxi portal “Internet + Guangxi government supervision” platform to collect the whole society ineffective epidemic prevention and control, delaying the report concealed clues and strengthening recommendations for improvement; creation of “best novel coronavirus infection in the fight against the government of Guangxi portal pneumonia epidemic “feature. Autonomous Big Data Development Bureau official said it would continue to strengthen against the epidemic data imputation and analysis, and thermal layout diagram depicting the migration of people suspected of liquidity risk groups do maximize surveillance, epidemic prevention and control work to do auxiliary. Changsha APP on line early diagnosis function Changsha city official mobile service platform “My Changsha” APP, the introduction of “anti-epidemic service” on the area after the line “early diagnosis” service. Through this service, citizens only need a simple question and answer procedure can obtain artificial intelligence system analyzes the conclusions issued, to provide users with daily protection expert advice and knowledge. With the help of this feature, based on early detection, early prevention, early diagnosis and treatment philosophy, the vast majority of people can quickly understand their state of health, but also at the same time find out whether they have a risk of infection related to the epidemic and the need to professional bodies for further examination and treatment. In further reduce their own fear at the same time, allow yourself to learn more about scientific prevention and control knowledge, a better understanding of the epidemic. Yingkou, Liaoning for the epidemic prevention and control to provide “intelligence” to support the face of sudden epidemic of pneumonia novel coronavirus infection, Yingkou City, Liaoning Province, the use of big data, cloud computing technology to provide “intelligence” support for the prevention and control of the epidemic. By analyzing big data, a map to achieve the city’s epidemic, strengthen and analysis of large data imputation epidemic data, classify the outbreak relevant personnel, the formation of the epidemic trends related personnel, the county (city) district scale drawing. byIn the form of statistical analysis diagram of the visual display, support the municipal government’s analysis of the epidemic situation and the fight against deployment. At the same time, constantly optimize the dynamic analysis of large data, liquidity risk groups to do the maximum monitoring. In order to improve the fight against the epidemic emergency command and dispatch efficiency, minimize staff aggregation, reduce face to face communication, Yingkou also enabled cloud video conferencing systems, mobile phones, desktop computers, etc. at any time to convene the county district, the principal leaders of various departments directly under , prevention and control of front-line staff held a multi-party cloud conference, scheduled at any time to supervise each group leader, county (city) district government work carried out by cloud video conferencing systems, solve the problem. Yan’an “brain cloud city” full coverage Recently, the pagoda in Yan’an City, Shaanxi Province city means “city cloud Brain” has been integrated urban center of more than 1,300 public video channel resources, artificial intelligence, video inspections, inspections of unmanned aerial vehicles, law enforcement new digital recorder a series of information technology resources and open areas, full normalization patrol the city, town public squares, parks and other gathering crowd situation such as inspections, real-time dispatching persuade scattered.

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