Strong push: green plants with high value and good nutrition

Studies have shown that the environment of Chen Fang green planting will create a sense of intimacy, especially in the work table, which can relieve nerves and feel more happy. For the plant that is easy to feed and look good, it is worthwhile to plant grass~~

Boston fern

can purify the air and detect indoor relative Humidity and humidification of the room. It has a good purifying function for formaldehyde in indoor volatile organic compounds.

Peace Tree

Alias“Cinnamon has a good meaning. The green leaves are fresh and can release a fresh gas, which makes people feel happy.


It can kill bacteria, purify the air, and it is still a shade-tolerant plant. It does not need to receive light regularly. It is suitable for putting pots indoors.

The above green plants that have a good value and are easy to feed can be made into a refined table bonsai or a large potted plant. , placed in the living room, will become a beautiful scenery in the living room.

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