Ten new trend of intelligent manufacturing

“Charging ten minutes, two hours of work,” the world’s first “visual navigation” robot logistics, domestic shipments of the leading home appliance base, the world’s first highest-generation line of BOE 10.5-generation line …… Banyuetan correspondent in Ningbo, Quanzhou, Hefei when part of the domestic manufacturing industry and other first-tier cities to visit, obviously feel that the industry is changing fast line: to enhance the creativity industry, more focused policy guidelines, new and old kinetic energy being converted. Manufacturing innovation vitality appeared in the country’s first “Made in China 2025” pilot demonstration city of Ningbo, the government has formulated a 22 precise support policy measures. 2016 and 2018, strategic and emerging industries, high-tech industries and equipment manufacturing industry accounts for the proportion of the city’s regulatory work every day doing manual regulation of value added increased by 9.3,9.0 and 1.2 percentage points, doing manual gauge value added share of GDP It increased to 46.1% from 44.1%.
quality and efficiency of traditional industries, new and faster kinetic conversion step. In Quanzhou, Ningbo and other cities, whether it is traditional petrochemical industry or the textile and garment industry, have undergone significant changes. Quanzhou shoe company Warburg intelligence after the transformation, reduce employment more than 70%, increase productivity 1.25 times; Jiangsu Victory Precision company three years to complete the intelligent transformation of more than 20 production lines, efficiency and productivity increased by more than 30%, and intelligent digital enabling fast as traditional industries. New formats, new models quickly emerged in many cities. Haier COSMO, interconnected roots, aerospace industry, represented by the cloud network platform for the rapid development of the Internet, new kinetic energy industrial robots, unmanned aerial vehicles, intelligent hardware information, intelligent network with the rapid development of automobile. In the new song, “intelligent robot factory”, production efficiency of 200%, the factory pattern just three months to complete the copy, effectively increasing the domestic production capacity of high-end robot. A number of long-term focus on the production of key components, basic materials developed by small and medium enterprises to gradually grow into the industry’s “special expertise” champions. Ningbo De Eagle Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. for more than 90 percent of the sewing machine factory supporting the hook, accounting for 40% of global production. Ningbo There are 36 companies leading market share first in the world, 149 companies leading market share first in the country. More focused policy guidance and strong foundation make up the short board in promoting the development of the manufacturing sector, some entrepreneurs and experts summed up two valuable lessons: First, properly handle the relationship between government and the market, to play the advantages of concentrating power system;Second, policy-oriented focus must always be two key points strong foundation and fill short board. Chinese Academy of Engineering Zhou Ji said that China’s manufacturing power to achieve the goal, there are two advantages of being able to institutional advantages in concentrating power and ultra-large-scale market advantage. Therefore, with particular emphasis on government guidance and market mechanisms combine to give full play to the decisive role of the market in allocating resources. “The government should strongly guide the market but also play a decisive role in resource allocation, to grasp the degree is the key to success.” Sky presses chairman Zhang Jing Zhang said, from a business perspective, the basic principles of government should be to use market-based instruments carry out regulatory guidance. He said that in recent years, Ningbo clearly felt more attention in policy guidance in market-based instruments, such as the Innovation funding way, more after use subsidies, interest payments on loans and equity investments and other methods, market-oriented means to support enterprise development. Industrial solid foundation, and other key components “strangle hold” problem highlighted two major challenges facing the development of China’s manufacturing industry, so policy-oriented focus to be two key points strong foundation and fill short board. Practice has proved that to seize the two key points will produce benefits. Hefei home appliances manufacturing, for example, in the past although the number of enterprises, large output, but the foundation is weak, poor quality and efficiency. In recent years, Hefei start with stronger industrial base, so long from home appliance industry chain, forming a “leading enterprises – large projects – chain – manufacturing base – industry cluster” model. Hefei appliance maker has not only become the first 100 billion industry Control Engineering Copyright , also driven by the LCD panel that one hundred billion rise of high-tech industries, to achieve a double upgrade traditional industries and new technology industries. Bao, deputy director of regular exercise Ningbo Development and Reform Commission, said at the time insist on a strong foundation, make up the short board two policy-oriented, have focused on a goal of sustained investment in toughness, two have the courage to challenge the world’s problems ambition, the three have a vision of global resource allocation . Garment and textile industry has been one of the pillar industries in Ningbo, after the 2008 financial crisis garment exports difficult. Ningbo adhere to encourage companies to do the fine line of work, through technical innovation, digital applications such as recycling industry chain Control Engineering Copyright , and promote the upgrading of garment and textile industry. Industrial services to create value intelligent manufacturing as the core is one of the main directions of development of China’s manufacturing industry. CCID (Shanghai) Institute of advanced manufacturing research report shows that China’s current intelligent manufacturing industry into the reshuffle of the declining growth rate, mainly in laborIndustrial robot industry and CNC machine tool industry generated downward trend. Although the growth rate down, but in policy support CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the development prospects of intelligent manufacturing field are still optimistic about the industry, presenting ten new trend: demand-oriented and focus will guide the industry pain points from AI ideal into reality. Compared to “icing on the cake” of industrial intelligence products, “timely” technology is more likely to be accepted manufacturing enterprises. For example, quality inspection based on machine vision surface can help enterprises to improve product quality, or with knowledge-based intelligent CAD map to improve production efficiency, the use of such technology will be the priority direction of the enterprise. Industrial Big Data will become the core of intelligent manufacturing and industrial development of the Internet. CCID (Shanghai) executive president of Advanced Manufacturing Research Institute of Dong Kai believes that the value of industrial core data, key technology patents and other digital assets of the enterprise is accelerating upgrade; reduces data security risks, improve system security and data security has become a business to digitize when upgrading transformation reference index increasingly valued; protect the plant safety, process safety imminent. Industrial intelligent based big data will bring more service-oriented scenarios. Dong Kai example CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , is a good example of a service-oriented application scenarios are rapidly formed based fault diagnosis and predictive maintenance of industrial data. Device status intelligent management system will become the new mode of ROMS. Will be formed to “data” as the core, from the analysis of intelligence collection, intelligence, intelligent diagnosis, intelligent scheduling, automatic commission, push programs, remote support to the smart check, and then enter a new round of closed-loop operation mode of gathering intelligence. In addition, the development of intelligent manufacturing trends include: industrial block chain will serve intelligent data security and distributed production networks; cooperative robots will become the mainstream of development of industrial robots; algorithm based on industry intelligence platform will be the scenarios cornerstone; cloud edge collaboration will become an important industrial intelligence applications technology Roadmap; TSN (ie, time-sensitive network) and 5G network technology will lead the industry development; intelligent technology and equipment manufacturing industries will be the development of a breakthrough. Based on the above new trend should be encouraged to dig industrial services to create value for industrial enterprises, for industrial customers, and actively looking for innovative and profitable model, furtherStrengthen the government’s policy guidance Control Engineering Copyright , collaborative innovation, creating intelligent ROMS innovation center to serve as the core integration of multiple resources.

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