Thai police raided protesters camp and arrested dozens of people

China News Service, February 18th According to foreign media reports on the 18th, senior Thai government officials said that dozens of people were arrested during police raids on protest camps in Thailand.

Beginning on the 14th, the Thai government dispatched thousands of riot police to “deal and clear the venue” to retake the government building and other areas occupied by demonstrators, but with little success.

Because anti-government protesters have occupied the offices of several government agencies, many civil servants are unable to work properly. Caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck has been unable to enter the government building for about two months, but can only hold meetings at various locations in Bangkok, Thailand.

On the 16th, when the Thai police cleaned up the demonstrations outside the government office building, they failed to negotiate with the demonstrator monk Isa, who gathered outside the government office building. Isa claims that the government’s request to reopen the occupied road is just an excuse. The real purpose is to take the opportunity to suppress the demonstrators.

On the 17th, Thai anti-government protesters in Bangkok surrounded the seat of the Thai government and protested the actions of the Thai police. Thousands of demonstrators protested siege of the government office building, built sandbag walls in front of a large gate, and poured cement upwards.

The protest leader said in a speech that the protesters will not let the Yingluck government return to work in the office, “Indira will never have another chance to work in the government building.”

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang

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