The Anglo-Afghanistan government signed an agreement to increase the route on the island.

[Global Network Comprehensive Report] Comprehensive UK “Independent” and “Express” reported on November 29, after two years of negotiations between Argentina and the British government, will open a link to South America and the Malvinas Islands (referred to as the horse) The island, the British called the Falkland Islands, the air line, however, the news came out to trigger the attack of the Argentine opposition party.

It is reported that after two years of negotiations, the United Kingdom and Argentina recently signed the relevant agreement. Because of the long-standing territorial dispute between the two countries, this line of flights from Sao Paulo, Brazil, through the second largest city of Argentina, Cordoba to the Falkland Islands, is regarded as a major leap in the relationship between Britain and Afghanistan. However, considering political factors, the route chose to travel through Córdoba instead of the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires.

According to reports, the route will be operated by Chilean Airlines (Latam), which runs weekly from São Paulo, Brazil, to Mount Pleasant Airport on the Falklands, and monthly in Cordoba. Stop once.

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