The call of the consumer, this is the product we want

The formation of the market depends on the relationship between the buyer and the seller. The exchange of goods of equal value and use value, the seller gets value, that is, money. The seller gets the value of use, which is the product. In this mutually beneficial and win-win exchange activity, a market has been formed. The same is true for the sanitary ware market. Dealers want to get better profits, they must fully grasp what kind of products buyers need, and the buyer is also trying to express their own needs and use the limited money to get more benefits. So next, let’s take a look at what both parties care about. The buyer, that is, what the consumer needs, is what kind of product.

Distributors may sometimes be confused as to why I think my product is unique among similar products. However, sales still have not been able to go up. In the end, what went wrong? Consumers sometimes enter the store to go back and forth and repeatedly think about it. They can only return without success. They must also underestimate why they are so many products. There is always no one I want. In the end, what kind of products can hit the pain points of consumers? What are the words behind those who say nothing but say it?

1. Look good

The previous home products are almost purely practical. It is good to use things, that is good products. Now with the improvement of living standards and the improvement of people’s quality of life requirements, just the use of things has not been so easy to capture the hearts of consumers, does not mean that this consumer has become a blind “appearance association”, but a good-looking The appearance of the decision really determines the first impression of the consumer on the product. With a good impression, there will be motivation and motivation to continue to understand. Therefore, when designing a product, how the sense of body feeling should be a point that the dealer is absolutely worth noting.


All kinds of products are flooding the market. The material market has already reached a level of saturation. In order to obtain more benefits, many unscrupulous businesses will not hesitate to reduce costs to obtain greater black income. Last year, because of the safety accidents caused by the quality of sanitary products, one by one, it also sounded the alarm for many dealers. Although the essential purpose of doing business is indeed to make money, but the conscience of people can not be lost at any time. To pursue your own profits under the premise of ensuring product quality, to be a qualified businessman is the right business.

3. Cost-effective

The number and type of products seem to have increased, but there are few products that can balance quality and price. The consumption of young people seems to be more casual and even impulsive than those of the older generation, but all consumption is not all about irrationality, but it will still be well thought out. After all, no matterAfter several years of rotation, the money is not falling from the sky, and the price and quality are more likely to stand out in more products. In fact, the consumption of modern society only seems to be casual, but in fact there are more necessary thinking. Impulse consumption is only a minority, quality and quantity are the key to determining sales and winning consumers.


The fast-paced life brings a high quality of life, but it also accelerates the deterioration of the living environment. In recent years, the problem of environmental pollution has always been put on the top of the agenda, but it is too complicated to solve. It is not a temporary smashing of the roots. It is really a hard battle. Various companies in various industries have joined the big queue of environmental protection, in order to optimize the environment as quickly as possible. Especially now, environmental protection has long been a social topic. Whether men, women and children are more and more concerned about their behavior or whether they will cause environmental burden, green sanitary products have gradually become the pets of the product market. Although I don’t know how much improvement I can make for the optimization of the environment, I always try my best to get a little bit of strength, and I can be satisfied both physically and objectively.

5. Personalization

The rise of the younger generation of consumer groups has brought about the unique but necessary needs of personalization. Material filling and even flooding, every time you go to the home store, there are many kinds of products, enough to see the dazzling and unpredictable, but the more you look at it, the more you feel the same, there is no special feature. The bathroom is an indispensable room in the home, and the decoration and layout are naturally not vague. From the ordinary overall style to the details of the bathroom hardware decoration style, has become the focus of consumers. How to highlight your personality, this is a demand that consumers are destined to consider when purchasing products.

Customized home gradually becomes Mainstream, the sanitary market is naturally standing on the cusp of such a cusp. Only a rapid transformation, as far as possible to achieve personalized custom bathroom, in order to keep up with the trend of the times and meet consumers.

In the final analysis, no matter what evolution and transformation, it is still for the satisfaction of consumers. Therefore, to listen to the voices of consumers, we can make the most suitable bathroom products.

Recently, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine announced the “2018 Quality Inspection Li Jian Action Work Plan” notice, requiring local quality inspection The department focused on smart toilet seats, hot water faucets, smart homes, furniture and home improvement products, and carried out anti-counterfeiting activities.

AQSIQ requires local quality inspection departments to use smart toilet lids, hot water taps, smart homes, furniture and home improvement products. Focus on products, and cooperate with consumer product safety standards to build a fenceSpecial action, strictly check the production of products that do not meet the national compulsory standards or explicit standards, shoddy It is illegal to pretend to be a qualified product, to falsify or fraudulently use the name of another person’s factory.

There has been a phenomenon in the bathroom industry that fraud, forgery, counterfeiting, and infringement of patents of others, and the use of legal weapons to protect rights Difficulties. In November 2016, a business consulting company hired by Jiumu Kitchen and Wash found that four sanitary ware dealers in Liuzhou produced and sold the patented faucet products of Jiumu Kitchen and Bath without permission. After Jiumu obtained the certificate, four sanitary ware dealers were brought to court. On March 19, the Liuzhou Intermediate People’s Court held a trial and ordered the four sanitary ware dealers involved in the case to stop the infringement and compensated Jiu Mu.The economic loss was 94,000 yuan.

Nine animal husbandry and kitchen anti-counterfeiting rights The operation was fairly smooth, and there were not too many obstacles from discovery to evidence collection, litigation, and claims. Now, some illegal elements have modified other people’s patent products, exploited legal loopholes, illegally infringed by lawful means, and made the law more insidious, which brought considerable difficulties to the company’s rights protection. Compared with Jiu Mu kitchen and toilet, the Whale Sanitary Ware is not so lucky.

On March 22, according to the Nanfang Daily, from June 2015, the Whales and Baths have received Nearly 30 dealers across the country complained that a company’s the same product offer was nearly one-third lower than the wave whale sanitary ware series. About 30 employees of Whale Whales were defending their rights. From the failure of many negotiations to the final settlement outside the court, the rights protection was finally resolved in two years. Foshan Chancheng District Economic and Technological Promotion Bureau and the relevant person in charge of China People’s Insurance P&C Foshan Chancheng Branch recently delivered more than 70,000 yuan of patent claims insurance compensation to Lang Whale Sanitary Ware.

This whale whale sanitary rights case is regarded as a typical case of providing patent protection for enterprises in Foshan Chancheng District. Its typical is that Whale Sanitary Ware compares the infringing products with the products of Whale Sanitary Ware. The similarity is extremely high. There are 2 series of products, 7 appearance patents are suspected of infringement, and without exception, they have applied for appearance patents. . In order to win the lawsuit, the Whale Sanitary Ware has invested about 30 people from the evidence collection, litigation and reconciliation. It cost about 150,000 yuan.

This whale whale sanitation case is only a microcosm of the bathroom industry. This case reflects a real problem, why is the cost of infringement so small? Why is the cost of corporate rights protection so high? Why is the company as a defender in a weak position? In reality, the anti-counterfeiting balance is inclined to infringement rather than to rights protection?

At this year’s two sessions, Baidu Chairman Li Yanhong and Guizhou Maotai Chairman Zhang Deqin also called for the protection of intellectual property rights. Even CPPCC members have proposed to severely punish fraud, and proposed a falsification, a proposal for life-long liabilities. Recently, the topic of Sino-US trade war has attracted people’s attention. Some experts believe that the trade deficit between China and the United States is not large. The biggest problem between the two countries is the dispute over intellectual property protection. In terms of intellectual property protection, the state has made great efforts and made significant progress, but there is still a long way to go. For the sanitary ware enterprises, the road to learning is farther away.

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