The ceasefire in the Old Town of Suhoms is extended for another three days.

The ceasefire in the Old Town of Syracuse is extended for another 3 days. The United Nations and the parties agree to the agreement

Old Town of Homs, Syria.

China News Service February 11th According to the UN website on the 10th, the UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Amos issued a statement on the 10th, the Syrian conflict parties agreed to the Old Town of Homs The extension of the ceasefire time for three days is welcome. She also hopes that all parties to the conflict will abide by the humanitarian ceasefire agreement, enable the United Nations and other humanitarian aid agencies to safely transfer people and provide more emergency humanitarian relief to the people trapped by the conflict.

Amos hopes that the agreement reached by the parties to the Syrian conflict to extend the three-day ceasefire in the Old Town of Homs will allow more people to move to safe areas and enable much-needed aid to be delivered. In the hands of the people in need.

Amos pointed out that protecting the people trapped in this terrible conflict in Syria is the most important priority for UN agencies and humanitarian partners. Since February 7, the Humanitarian Working Group has worked with local governments, all parties and representatives of community leaders to evacuate more than 800 people from the Old Town of Homs in extremely dangerous circumstances, and to provide food and medical supplies. Delivered to the people trapped by the fighting, these people have rarely received assistance for two years.

Amos said that the deliberate attacks by UN and Syrian Arab Red Crescent aid workers were “absolutely unacceptable”. She was deeply disappointed that the parties to the conflict had not been able to maintain a ceasefire in Homs, and the failure to comply with the ceasefire agreement caused 11 people to die unnecessarily during the evacuation process. Amos called on the international community to exert pressure on the Syrian government and anti-government forces to take responsibility for their actions and demand that they maintain a ceasefire so that all those who want to leave can be safely evacuated.

At the same time, Amos also hopes that representatives of the parties in the negotiations in Geneva will reach an agreement to allow humanitarian agencies to provide ongoing humanitarian assistance to the 250,000 people in the besieged communities in Syria and to the people in need in the country.

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