The continued growth of the sport plastic: igus sales increased 8.5%

Special wear-resistant member can be disposed anywhere on a tablet-line, and enables intelligent 3D printing and configuration, which makes the movement is increasingly becoming high-tech plastic member. At this year’s Hanover Fair, igus will to demonstrate this trend by new 120 models – both smart sliding bearings, but also the world’s first online platform to cost-effective robot suppliers and users gathered together. Applications with “sports plastic” this core technology, igus launch new products every year to meet the industrial field CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , for example, can be calculated online 3D printing service life of wear parts, plastic intelligent, stroke length of 1,000 m towline CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , and 10-fold extended life lubricant-free plastic ball. The global market for high-performance engineering plastics motion applications increasing demand, it is an affirmation of the igus. 2018, igus sales rose 8.5 percent to 748 million euros. Among them, sales in Europe accounted for 53% of total global sales, Asia accounted for 31%, the Americas and Africa accounted for 16%. The number of employees increased to 4 CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , 150 people.
online simulation, smart cable and sliding bearings, as well as new low-cost robot platform, these products are marked igus machine element made of engineering plastics are becoming high-tech components. (Source: igus GmbH)
with the mentality of entrepreneurs into new areas igus is in a stage of steady organic growth, and constantly open up new markets in areas such as the stage of mechanical and solar. Igus headquarters in Cologne, Germany, is always filled with aggressive atmosphere. Igus CEO Frank Blase Germany, said: “Flexible working methods and open-office environment, so that we can quickly implement new ideas in motion plastic and efficient team atmosphere we continue to test their products and to improve it. and optimization until the user gets fullMeaning of applicable products. “In this very dynamic way, igus developed a new 120 models, and these products are on display at the 2019 Hannover Messe. At the show, igus audience will clearly show the plastic mechanical elements in a long time ago member has a high-tech, while digital igus seize the opportunity to introduce intelligent sliding bearing. + through the expansion communication module, the user may decide to icom integrated sensor data collected in what form, from the environment is suitable for limiting offline mode , to the threshold value linked to igus server for automated ordering of spare online mode, the user can freely read and integrate their data and robot platform for users with a 3D printing igus to the new high-performance engineering plastics may also continue to explore the potential for low-cost automation of its advantage: If the robot using a gearbox and many other components made of engineering plastics, can save a lot of cost as low as 3,000 euros (excluding tax) robots have become a reality .igus will work with 16 industry partners Since the rollout of the online platform – in the world. The platform will bring together suppliers and users, to build lean robot together. The user can configure a one-stop industrial robots and service robots on the platform. Last year demand growth in the field of materials manufacturing further increase due to the new SLS printer, igus enhanced printing capabilities of 3D tripled;. igus but also its high-temperature wear-resistant wires iglidur J350 developed its own printer for high-temperature-selling machine elements, such as. gear and rollers, igus now offers professional online configurator and printing solutions, and the product has excellent wear resistance additionally provides globally unique service: online service life calculation of these 3D printing test laboratory is part of growth calculation parameters of the driving force of life, are all built on the laboratory test data based on the last year alone, igus develop and test new engineering plastic parts over 264 models in the test lab. in addition, more than 50 different test bench were more than 11,300 entries plain bearings terms Testing laboratory in drag chains and cables, igus were CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , 100 tests over 4 In 2018, a total of more than 10 billion cycles. At the same time, the igus test lab is the “think tank”, where the wear-resistant engineering plastics developed a variety of special solutions for industrial and actual application requirements. For example: iglidur Q2E sliding bearings, can be safely and reliably withstand construction machinery and agricultural machinery load weighing 7 tonnes and completely without any lubrication; for long stroke applications E4Q towline, with curved curve design, extremely weight light, and the use QuickLock cross bar without tools for easy assembly. Currently, iugs being outdoors to build a new test facility for long stroke test. As a result, the test laboratory area of ​​more than 3,800 square meters. Around the world, igus also will further expand production capacity in order to provide more efficient services to local users. Among them, the United States branch office and manufacturing space increased by 5,000 square meters, about 19,000 square meters. China Branch is currently building a new plant covers an area of ​​22,000 square meters, the project will be completed in August this year. In addition to Brazil, India, Poland and Thailand expanded facilities, igus Korea also bought a piece of land for the new plant. The construction area of ​​9,500 square meters, is expected to be completed by the end of 2019. Frank Blase firmly believe that only consistently user-centric company to carry out activities, be possible to achieve global growth. He said: “My father – founder of the issue presented to the first user in 1964 Control Engineering Copyright , there is still instructive today that time, his question is: ‘You are the most difficult to injection-molded parts are what?’ today, we ask a slightly different question: ‘how can we help you easily reduce costs and improve the technical performance of the equipment, make the product quiet, lubrication-free, but has a longer life? ‘by plastic movement, we are constantly looking for new answers. ”

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