The future of home can not be driven by the power of capital

With the acceleration of IT informationization, the driving of market globalization, consumer consumption levels, consumer behaviors and concepts are constantly changing, people have transitioned from pure product consumption to more pursuit of individuality, comfort, health, environmental protection and intelligent products. Services, the entire home industry has formed more than a hundred subdivision categories, major changes in the big home ecology.

Shi Yi, director of the Industrial Research Office of the National Development and Reform Commission, said at the “2018 China Home Preferred Brand Leadership Summit” that “only by relying on new technologies, new products, and new innovations to achieve industrial upgrading is it The correct way of development. In the future, China’s home furnishing industry will become a normalized market. The maturity of the market is gradually coming, multi-market, multi-cultural, and multi-values ​​are gradually formed. In the home life, consumers are constantly seeking unique and suitable life. Way.

At the “2018 Summit on Sustainable Development China Enterprises”, Zuo Yanzhen, general manager of Beijing Zhongyikang Times Market Research Co., Ltd., summarized several key changes in household products in 2018. Words: big, beautiful, comfortable, healthy, energy-saving, intelligent, integrated, whole house. People pay more and more attention to health, how to live more sunny and healthier. Many excellent brand products help us improve the living environment and make home Life has changed a lot.

In the future, with the expansion of the industrial ecological chain, the growth and strength of all walks of life cannot be separated from the capital Pushing, the injection of capital makes the enterprise’s scale, industrialization and brand development even more powerful. Zhou Haichen, deputy general manager of Shenwan Hongyuan Research Institute believes that from the perspective of population and brand concentration, in the long run, the home industry is basically oriented, and there are many excellent The company deserves special attention. Investors should measure the product strength, brand power and channel power. In particular, the furniture industry leading companies have great room for growth, and the capital market will play an important role in the future industry integration process.
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