The home store business is no longer single. Start to pay attention to the consumer experience.

  Home stores only sell furniture, only custom homes? Cold industry is a common impression in the home industry. Consumers will only pay attention to you when they need it. It is difficult to make a connection after buying. With the development of “new retail”, home marketing has undergone great changes, among which the innovation of terminal stores is the most anticipated, Shangchao shop, coffee shop, book bar… only cross-border functions you can’t think of, paying attention to consumers. The lifestyle and experience have become a trend.

  now new retail, It is to make full use of the Internet and intelligent equipment to complete the shopping, or to rebuild the retail space with advanced Internet technology and hardware, and fully consider the user experience. The transformation of traditional home stores is imminent. What is the future direction of terminal upgrade? The industry believes that the fashion legions led by ZARA, H&M and so on have opened up fashion home stores across the border. In turn, more and more home brands have begun to try cross-border stores in recent years, and hope to experience more experience. Strong cross-industry retail stores that grab more traffic and increase end-user stickiness.

  New Life Way Experience Store

  As the home brand that entered the mall earlier, Shangpin Home is the first The “Super Collection Store” (“C Store”), which advocates “slow life experience”, recently opened in Shanghai. Different from the previous direct flagship store, C store, in addition to the brand’s home products, also gathers a variety of different business brands, intended to integrate the multiple life of eating, drinking, playing and music, covering preschool, Cafe, and book. . According to reports, this is also the first time that Shangpin’s home use multi-format collection operation, which divides the store area into slow life experience area, parent-child play area, home experience area and other areas, and simultaneously introduces coffee, floral, hand-made, and unmanned. Featured brands such as retail and electrical services create a new experiential consumption space for consumers.

   Li Jiacong, general manager of Shangpin House, said that “C shop” is more focused on the collection mode, the collection is different Brands to create a multi-integrated consumer experience for consumers, multi-format “super set” mode, in short, all kinds of fun formats will slowly integrate into our custom stores. Li Jiacong said, “The brand will be on the standard IKEA, and even surpass it to solve the one-stop purchase of household consumption. We will add soft and household items, such as cups, teapots, tissue boxes and other small items, which is based on heat, Stickiness and other considerations, we hope to integrate with the daily life of consumers, rather than with the new house, we start from the product line, step by step to expand the layout.”

  Black Technology Unlocks Wisdom Store

  Sofia, which entered the mall earlier, has been a pioneer in the transformation of the new retail model in recent years. Recently, Tmall & Sofia’s smart stores opened in Beijing, and for the first time, the four “black technologies”—face recognition, 3D scene roaming, AR projection, and cloud shelves—are applied to stores.

   It is reported that consumers can complete facial information collection and generate their own through the system instructions of the screen. Shopping account, you can also directly bind Taobao or Tmall account, then you can place your own orders in the store, some consumers do not like the guide to “interfere” themselves, consumers can be as free as buying in the supermarket, Convenience. The 3D scene roaming is to restore the 3D real environment of the consumer’s environment through the cloud screen in the inter-model area and the IPAD screen on the shopping guide. Consumers can easily switch between various styles of home scenes with just a finger stroke.

  In order to consumers experience “one-stop” experience, in addition to in-store products, cloud screen There are also thousands of items available for consumers to choose from. For products with the AR logo, consumers only need to scan the QR code to project the product around 1:1 to see the overall home improvement effect.

  Full House Custom 1+N store

   similar to Shangpin’s home deliveryIn recent years, we have vigorously developed cross-border terminal stores, turning custom stores into shadow bars, book bars, and coffee bars. “At present, our N store has a traditional community store, but also a movie bar, a book bar, a coffee bar, etc. Although it is similar to a multi-store shop of a book bar shop and a shadow bar shop, the current proportion of the entire N store is only 15%. Up to 20%, but in 2018 we will continue to expand the proportion of such stores, and plans to open more than 1,000 N stores in the next three years.” Jiang Chen, Director of the Wholesale Marketing Center of Luka, at this year’s Guangzhou Custom Home Show It is revealed that Lauca has been continuously optimizing and innovating for the N store.

(Source: Yangcheng Metro News)


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