The kitchen power market is weak, and the micro-steaming is temporarily saved.

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The electric industry has set off a consumer boom. The main character of this time is the micro-steamed series of kitchen appliances. In the case of a period of lack of consumption in the kitchen electricity market, the micro-steaming market is awakening. A new consumer campaign started in the kitchen appliance market. It is very important for kitchen and electric power companies to become bigger and stronger, and to build a new pattern of market operation in which multiple categories are jointly detonated. The kitchen electricity industry’s “gold mining rule seems to have changed. How much do you get this information?”

The current new wave of micro-steaming market consumption in the kitchen industry does not represent electric steamers. Electric ovens and microwave ovens can replace traditional hoods, stoves and disinfection cabinets, which has become a new growth point in the industry. The steaming micro-integrated machine and the micro-steaming and roasting machine are the kitchen essentials for the high-quality life of Chinese families in the future.

From the smoke oven to the micro-steaming, a new consumer campaign is quietly starting in the Chinese kitchen appliance market in 2018.

However, for many consumers, micro-steaming is only an optional home appliance with upgraded quality of life, and the smoke stove is a must-have for modern kitchen life. From this point of view, for all kitchen appliances manufacturers, how to turn micro-steaming from selection to necessity in the face of consumers is a must-go path and a very difficult road.

Activating user needs has become a key issue for companies to occupy the market

Since the beginning of this year, the development and expansion of the entire kitchen appliance industry has slowed down, and the growth of traditional kitchen appliances has disappeared. Under the background of staged fatigue, it is still uncertain whether the organic combination and superposition of innovative products and products, such as micro-steaming, are the future direction of the industry. But the successful detonation of the sink dishwasher shows that creating a new category is a road, the key is how the company activates user needs. As a new cluster of kitchen appliances, micro-steaming is a new category of old products that are iteratively driven by new technologies and new consumption. Because, compared to microwave ovens, electric ovens, electric steamers, these are old products that have been on the market for decades, but micro-steaming machines, micro-steaming machines, and steaming machines are because of China. The kitchen’s unique “small space and re-created personality needs.”

Around the micro-steamed MFP, there are two forces on the market: one is the microwave oven camp, represented by Galanz, and promotes the microwave oven to the electric steamer and the micro-steaming machine. Transforming, seeking to further promote the upgrade of China’s family quality life, promote the comprehensive transformation and upgrading from microwave oven to micro steaming; the other is the kitchen electric camp, represented by Fang Tai, mainly the healthy cooking in the kitchen scene. Through the electric steamer, steaming micro-integrated machine and other products, the Chinese kitchen was defined by adding functions and reducing space, and attracted the response and promotion of professional kitchen appliances such as boss and Vantage.

In the short-term, I want to rely on the creation of new types of kitchen appliances such as micro-steaming, to solve the problem of the decline in traditional kitchen appliances such as smoke stoves and the decline in market decline. For many companies, it is “ Far water is difficult to save near fire, and the effect and effect are not obvious. However, from the perspective of long-term development, building a new pattern of market operation that is jointly detonated by multiple categories is the only way for all kitchen and electric companies to seek to become bigger and stronger. This can help the kitchen and electric power companies to form a pattern of “the east is not bright” in the context of the fiercely competitive market.

The two truths of the kitchen industry have become a problem for everyone.

As the saying goes, “Jusha can become a tower.” For companies that want to be in the kitchen appliance industry, it is necessary to recognize the two truths:

First, the slowdown in the growth of traditional kitchen appliances and the fierce competition in the kitchen industry It is already the norm. The kitchen appliance industry must get rid of the old routines of market operation, find new growth points and new kinetic energy, product multi-category, and integration and diversification for user needs, which is the trend;

The disappearance of micro-steaming, and even the emergence of new categories such as sink dishwashers and water dispensers, eventually forming a multi-category and integration, embedded development will be a new path for the transformation of Chinese kitchens. The key is that kitchen appliances must balance the user promotion and market detonation of new and old platforms, and how to complete the new and old categories “non-alternative” but “mutual symbiosis”.

As a result, for many kitchen appliances manufacturers, the kitchen appliance that is being opened is a new opportunity for marketing in the micro-steaming market, which is constrained by product, technology, user experience and brand awareness. The commercial space that can be speculative in the short term is small, and the growth momentum of scale is not obvious. Next, more companies need to be involved, especially in the product differentiation function innovation, and make a breakthrough in the future!

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