The most beautiful church building in the world

You may have seen photos of this magical structure, not even realizing that what you see is actually a small church. This is a work of art, a beautiful metaphor that achieves a wonderful architecture. Designed by Hiroshi Nakamura and NAP Architects, the Ribbon Church is located in the garden of Hiroshima Resort, Japan.

The chapel is situated on a hill surrounded by trees and offers panoramic views of the Seto Inland Sea and the distant mountains. It was built in 2013 and covers an area of ​​80 square meters. Its unique design is an interpretation of the marriage metaphor. The two spiral staircases support each other with a top connection height of 15.4 meters, forming a single belt that makes the church a separate structure. The entwined ribbon represents the bride and groom and serves as the structure of the walls and ceiling. This is probably the most impressive example of a church building, which enters the art class in an amazing way at the same time in an amazing way.

Sunset Church is a structural design that takes into account a very specific set of rules. First, the client asks the church to make the most of its location, especially the surrounding beauty. The second requirement is that the position of the church should allow the sun to be accurately placed behind the altar of the altar (twice a year). There is also a third requirement related to the tomb, some of which must be placed outside and around the church.

However, the most unusual and most striking is the form of the church. The unusual architectural style depends on the landscape. The head of the BNKR Arquitectura faces a huge challenge: the site is occupied by a large number of vegetation, large trees and, most importantly, huge megaliths that block the sunset. Since getting rid of boulder is not an option, the architect chose to raise the church level by more than 5 meters and reduce the floor space of the building to almost half of the floor space. In addition, this makes the church itself look like a boulder.

The Sayama Forest Church in Saitama Prefecture, Japan is one of the most spiritual and unusual places of worship in the world. It’s not just that its architecture is amazing, unique and incredible in many ways, but also the idea behind the design and the feeling of entering the church. The building is situated on a small triangular plot that is open to many different religions. The site is very rich in vegetation and has a strong relationship with nature. The chapel reflects this.

The chapel was designed and built by Hiroshi Nakamura and NAP. No matter how you look at it, its form is unusual. The walls are tilted inward to avoid trees and their branches, which allows the vegetation to be preserved. This unusual building also influenced the interior design and atmosphere of the church interior. It’s as if the walls are tilted inward to embrace and control the inner walls, creating a very warm and calm atmosphere.

Sometimes, this little church looks like a huge, delicate fabric that rises and falls as the wind blows and floats on the water. This is a very artistic image, thanks to the unique design that Steyn Studio and TV3 Architects proposed when participating in the Bosjes church project. This chapel is located outside Cape Town in the Witzenberg district of South Africa. It features a white canopy that undulates above and around a series of glass walls, sometimes falling to almost touch the surface of the water.

The sly outline of the church makes the cast concrete roof look very delicate and light, and gives the structure a dynamic appearance. Reflective pools emphasize this weightlessness and help create a very peaceful atmosphere. What’s interesting about this building is the way some elements are seamlessly embedded into the design. For example, one of the cross-shaped frames replaces the cross. Apart from that and the golden pulpit, there is almost nothing else in the church, with emphasis on architecture and extraordinary landscapes.

This chapel from the Royal Spanish looks like a folding box, a structure inspired by huge origami. Designed by architect Sancho Madrilejos in 2001, it is located on the top of the mountain. The chapel has become an important landmark and a reference point for the landscape. As strange and peculiar as design, there are a few things that make this little church very special: it does not use artificial lighting. It is a very simple and bare structure that relies on its special relationship to the outside and the surrounding environment, allowing natural light to function like a material (in this case like concrete).

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