The new industrial technological transformation of enterprises upgrade investment guide published

Industry is the main body of the national economy, to create an internationally competitive advanced manufacturing is the foundation of a nation Control Engineering Copyright , the power base, technological innovation is to promote the adjustment of industrial structure, quality and efficiency of important catch hands and approach. August 30, by the China International Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. China Machinery Industry Federation jointly, China Iron and Steel Association, China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association, China Light Industry Association, China Textile Industry Association, China Building Materials Federation, China Nonferrous metal industry Association, China pharmaceutical enterprise management Association, the China shipbuilding industry Association, China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, China electronic information industry Association jointly sponsored the “technological transformation of industrial enterprises upgrading investment Guide (2019 edition)” conference held in Beijing. China International Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd., China Academy of Engineering Wang introduced the new version of “Investment Guide” in the preparation of background, the main content and significance of the role. Wang pointed out, a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution was nurtured the rise of electronic information, biological medicine, new energy, new materials interwoven, intelligent manufacturing, share new economy, digital economy and other formats continue to emerge, for the manufacturing structure adjustment and industrial upgrading provides a golden opportunity. This not only gives us a path of structural reforms and program supply side, while creating a huge demand. Wang introduced three years ago, the China International Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd., together with 11 industry federations and associations prepared the 2016 edition of “Investment Guide”, to guide social investment direction Control Engineering Copyright , the promotion of industrial economic development to enhance the transition from quantity expansion to quality and efficiency has played a positive role. In order to better serve the community, according to a revised three-year plan, this year once again organized a large number of professionals, experts and scholars, the preparation of the 2019 edition of “Investment Guide.” He stressed that the new version of “Investment Guide” Xi Jinping to a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as the guiding ideology, based on national strategic needs, fully implement the new concept of development, the supply-side structural reforms as the main line, in the “policy in line with the development of sustained, focused breakthrough, market-oriented “principle, investment priorities and direction of technological transformation in various industries were refined to deepen, we put forward the development direction of technological transformation of enterprises upgrade recommendations. The new “Investment Guide” overall framework and indicators of entries has been redesigned and optimized adjustment. The first is the re-designed architecture. The new”Investment Guide” in accordance with the horizontal partitions for the electronic information industry, machinery, automobile, shipping, civil aviation, steel, nonferrous metals, building materials, petrochemical and chemical, pharmaceutical, light industry, textiles Chapter 12; in each section, according to transformation direction is divided into innovation platform, the basis of ability, intelligent manufacturing industry and the internet, green manufacturing, quality improvement, service-oriented manufacturing and service system transformation section 6. Followed by six prominent direction. First, highlight the innovation platform, focusing on the role of innovation center position clear industry Control Engineering Copyright , further making it a core carrier and manufacturing innovative public service platform; second is to highlight the basic capabilities CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the focus is focused “four groups” to further promote the combination of production and demand, collaborative innovation, breakthroughs in key areas; three is intelligent manufacturing industry and the Internet, the focus is to promote two of the depth of integration, speed up the Internet industry innovation applications, efforts to develop intelligent equipment and products; fourth is highlighted in green manufacturing, the focus is to build efficient, clean, low carbon, secure green manufacturing system; Fifth outstanding quality improvement, focusing on promoting China’s industrial value chain from low-end to high-end extension, further guide enterprises to continuously improve the quality of products, quality levels and brand influence; Sixth outstanding service-oriented manufacturing and technological innovation service system, focusing on the promotion of production-oriented manufacturing shift to service-oriented manufacturing, developing and manufacturing are closely related the producer services, manufacturing enterprises to extend the service guide Chain. Finally, adjust the index entry. Combined with the global development of the industry and trends in predictive analysis and development process and the basic conditions of various industries, respectively, for 12 key industries over the next three to five years have the ability to achieve key areas of technological breakthroughs and industrialization of the product in detail to sort out and one by one demonstration, optimal adjustment of the corresponding entry in the professional and technical indicators, pointed out the direction and advice of key technological transformation. The new “Investment Guide” has a strong strategic, advanced and guiding role in helping the government scientific decision-making at all levels, optimize the sound industrial policy to promote the optimization of industrial structure and changing the mode of growth; help enterprises to upgrade technological transformation targeted further improve the quality of investment control Engineering Copyright , the pursuit Zhuoyue Yong forefront of legislation; conducive to financial institutions and social capital to grasp the direction of investment, promotion of healthy cooperation between industry and finance, industrialization and goldFinancial good combination. At the meeting, some industry associations responsible comrades were on the platform for innovation, infrastructure capacity, intelligent manufacturing industry and the Internet, green manufacturing, quality improvement, service-oriented manufacturing and technological innovation service system was introduced and answer media questions. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Bao Steel Group, Wuhan, Hubei Fook pharmaceutical company responsible comrades exchange of experience and technological transformation next plan. Financial institutions and industrial companies attended the meeting.

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