The new laboratory automation total solution –Satlas-TCA come out

During the 15th National Conference of Laboratory Medicine, in serving science world leader Thermo Fisher Scientific (hereinafter referred to as: Thermo) with Shenzhen New Industries Biomedical Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: new bio-industry ) held a strategic signing ceremony cum new release, we have launched a new Satlas-TCA fully automated laboratory overall solution.
Colin Hill, vice president of global business development IVD Thermo Fisher, general manager of Thermo Fisher TCA product line Roberto Mendes, and new industrial bio-Zhang Xiaohong, deputy general manager in charge of business at home and abroad, Liu Haiyan attended the conference,
the the new release of Satlas-TCA fully automated laboratory overall solution, equipped with a high-throughput Thermo open laboratory automation systems Thermo FisherTM TCAutomationTM and new industrial bio automated chemiluminescence immunoassay system Maglumi X8, to achieve the clinical the fully automated testing lines upgrade, and clinical samples from the injector, centrifugation, decapping, and cup labeling, chemiluminescence analysis instrument, stamped, sorted into like a fully automated intelligent processing or refrigerated storage online. In automation, intelligent increasingly demanding field of clinical testing, with a high throughput, scalable, and flexible combination of products, and many other advantages Satlas-TCA will no doubt become another new choice in the field. Satlas-TCA flexible module combinations , so that clinical testing may be based on site and average daily sample size requirements for portfolio allocation, helps laboratories to easily upgrade. Through its flexible operation mode CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , clinical testing can increase the number of prior samples to increase the amount of work modules accommodate increasing flux; add new analytical equipment such as a biochemical analyzer, immune , coagulation analyzer, to achieve simultaneous detection of different types of projects , improve laboratory testing efficiency; also can add new functional modules, support for a phased fully automated laboratory upgrade goal. President
Thermo cooperation with the new bio-industry strategic signing ceremony
Thermo China, Tony Acciarito said: “Thermo clinical diagnostics business has been committed to product innovation to help partners improve efficiency, enhance the core competitiveness of the local partners to join the new bio-industry co-release of the new product Satlas-TCA is Thermo ‘roots. China control Engineering Copyright , serving China ‘another reflection control Engineering Copyright , to combine their technological innovation will greatly promote the upgrading and updating of clinical testing automation industry. ” for this partnership, deputy general manager of the new bio-industry Zhang Xiaohong said: “the new Shenzhen industry joint Thermo jointly launched a full laboratory automation solutions for a whole new industry cooperation and Thermo Fisher, marking China’s largest manufacturer of chemiluminescence. – Shenzhen new industries biological laboratory into intelligent “with its open interfaces, customization features free, Thermo TCAutomation laboratory automation system has always been committed to helping the clinical field test partners to further enhance their core competitiveness. By localization R & D and innovation, Thermo Fisher will continue to bring to the field of clinical testing more intelligent, flexible and efficient fully automated solutions that help customers to make the world healthier.

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