The new retail model in the sanitary industry is getting hot, and the online and offline models are becoming mainstream.

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Internet The development has spawned e-commerce. For sanitary ware companies, how to choose e-commerce can achieve healthy growth of the economy. The new retail model is, in the final analysis, an effective combination of online and offline, but e-commerce services have always been a shortcoming that has been criticized. Traditional channels and e-commerce have always had conflicts that are difficult to reconcile in reality. The integration of online and offline is an irreversible trend in the bathroom industry.

The rapid development of the Internet, for the bathroom companies, is not to choose the issue of e-commerce, but how to choose e-commerce, in order to ensure the growth of online benefits, does not affect the sales of physical stores and Promotion of the brand. With the further deepening of consumption upgrade, the new retail model of online and offline integration has become the future development trend, and its requirement is accurate and scene-based experiential service, which requires cooperation between e-commerce platform and physical retail enterprises. Through big data to understand the user’s consumption needs in a timely manner.

For the sanitary ware industry, there is still much room for improvement. At the same time, the strong rise of e-commerce has also brought more challenges to the development of sanitary ware enterprises. In the Internet era, if sanitary ware manufacturers want to break through the bottleneck of development, how can we seize this opportunity?

The current situation of e-commerce marketing in the sanitary industry For most consumers, e-commerce is more Kind of fashion. Browse the various products in the online store, and paint the cake to satisfy your own desire for consumption, but not many people are completely assured of buying large items such as sanitary ware online. The inability to experience in depth is the main reason why the e-commerce business is not warm; on the other hand, the mixed market of e-commerce and the imperfect market rules have also cast a shadow on the development of sanitary e-commerce. At the same time, consumers will shift their focus to other places. Needless to say, the quality of sanitary ware is the basic requirement of online shopping for sanitary ware. The higher level of demand is the after-sales service provided by e-commerce.

Since the operation of e-commerce in sanitary ware companies, the problem of returning goods has been criticized by consumers and has become a stumbling block to the development of e-commerce. In the current differentiated route of bathroom products, consumers are more concerned about the service of bathroom e-commerce. Therefore, the most important thing for the bathroom e-commerce is to overcome the difficulty of service.

In addition, the e-commerce development process of most sanitary ware companies has been delayed, and there is a deeper reason, that is, the e-commerce to be carried out by enterprises and the dealers in the traditional channels. The contradiction exists. The industry believes that there is a big difference between physical stores and e-commerce. Traditional channels and e-commerce have contradictions that are difficult to reconcile in reality. E-commerce directly impacts traditional channels and directly damages the interests of dealers and agents.

A considerable number of brands in the development of the sanitary industry often choose products that are younger and more cost-effective when they are doing online product promotion. This is based on the consumer groups formed by large shopping malls. The consumers who buy sanitary wares on shopping websites are mostly young and middle-aged. They have a more youthful aesthetic and focus on the price/performance ratio.

Cooperation with Internet home improvement highlights value, and more and more companies are entering the overall home industry. For a new business portfolio, many companies have gradually become familiar with strangers, and many consumers are beginning to familiar with and accept this business model. Under such market training, the whole bathroom will embark on the fast lane of development.

Energy conservation and environmental protection will always be the theme of the sanitary ware industry. With the improvement of people’s living standards, more people began to pay attention to health and environmental protection, and energy conservation and environmental protection has gradually become an important selling point of the entire industry. In addition to pursuing fashion changes in design styles, many brands of bathroom hardware accessories pay more attention to the applicability of energy saving and environmental protection.

The O2O model is a development trend. E-commerce is essentially a business, but it uses a form of the network to quickly gather a large number of potential consumers. E-commerce is essentially the same as traditional channels. The conflict between e-commerce and agents is the protection of the price system.

If the advantages and complementarities of the two channels can be achieved, the sanitary ware manufacturer can open up a new situation. Some insiders pointed out that the consumption characteristics of sanitary wares determine the need for online and offline integration of sanitary ware sales, and to solve open, fair and just consumer appeals online. At the same time, strong offline resources are needed as support, including design, display and logistics.

The rapid development of the Internet, for sanitary ware manufacturers, is not to choose the issue of e-commerce, but how to choose e-commerce, in order to ensure the growth of online benefits, does not affect the sales of physical stores And the promotion of the brand. It is undeniable that the combination of e-commerce and physical stores in sanitary ware enterprises is an inevitable trend, which is also the new retail era proposed by Ma Yun. In the future, the full integration of online and offline will become an important trend in the development of sanitary ware industry.

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