The new Tokyo Governor is awarded the certificate of election. The term of office is up to 2018.

The new Tokyo Governor is awarded the certificate of election until 2018

舛 要 wants to be elected as a new governor.

China News Service, February 11th According to Japanese media reports, on the morning of the 11th local time, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s Electoral Affairs Commission awarded the first Japanese government’s fortune to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. A certificate of election.

舛添要一1, as the new governor, will be stationed in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government on the 12th, and will hold a press conference to present a speech on the operation of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Yan Tian’s term will last until February 8, 2018.

In the election campaign of this governor’s election, Yan added that it will promote urban construction work that is not afraid of disasters, and make the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics an unprecedented sports festival. At the same time, he also stressed that if elected, it will focus on formulating more comprehensive social security policies such as nursing, welfare, and parenting.

In addition, on the 10th, Abe held talks with Yu Tian in Congress. The two sides reached a consensus on cooperation and successful hosting of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

During the talks, Abe said, “The government and the ruling party will support Mr. Yan’s policies. In particular, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics must be successfully held. I hope that we can join hands and work together. & rdquo;

Yu Tian said in this regard, “In addition to the preparatory work for the Olympic Games, I also want to coordinate with the central government, actively carry out the work related to the National Strategic Special Zone, and arbitrarily implement local reforms aimed at relaxing restrictions. ”.

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