The practice of brick beauty is the expression of this pursuit

   People have always been persistent in the pursuit of beauty. In the aspect of home decoration, the practice of tile seams is the expression of this pursuit. What are the advantages and disadvantages of making ceramic seams? Is it necessary to do it?

 1, the disadvantages of ceramic tiles – what are the advantages?

  There are many advantages to tile seams. First, it can be used to beautify the decorative effect. Now most people use the beauty grout, which is rich in color and bright in color. It looks beautiful and generous after caulking. Secondly, after using the beautiful seaming agent to make the beauty seam treatment, it can solve the problem that the gap becomes black mold, because the beautiful seaming agent contains epoxy resin component, and has good anti-penetration, waterproof, moisture-proof and anti-fouling properties. Thirdly, the beautiful seam of ceramic tile conforms to the concept of environmental protection of modern people’s home. The beautiful grout is composed of high-tech new polymer and high-grade pigment, and is matched with special additives such as epoxy resin. It is non-toxic, tasteless and contains no benzene. , toluene, xylene, belonging to environmentally friendly and safe materials. Fourth, the surface of the beautiful sewing agent is smooth, such as porcelain, which is wear-resistant, easy to clean, and can be scrubbed together with the tile.

 2, the shortcomings of ceramic tile making beauty–what is the disadvantage?

  The practicality and decoration of ceramic tile There is no doubt about sex, but it also has shortcomings that cannot be ignored. First, not all the beautiful grouts are suitable for all tile gaps. Tiles with floor heating cannot use the high-quality epoxy resin. If it is mis-selected, there will be risk of deformation and collapse in the later stage. Second, although the construction process of the beauty seam is simple, it is necessary to keep the gap clean and dry before filling. Otherwise, there may be empty drums, cracks, etc., which greatly affects the beauty seam effect. Third, if the tile is not flat, the thermal expansion and contraction will lead to cracking, peeling and falling off of the crevice of the seam and tile gap. Fourth, the beauty of the tiles will increase the cost of decoration, and the price of good seams is more expensive.

   Although the beauty of the tile has its shortcomings, it also has its incomparable advantages. Everyone needs to be dialectically treated. Whether or not to do the beauty is still depends on their own demands.


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