The price of sanitary products is a thousand feet deep, and the small store is the culprit okorder

In the current market, bathroom products are dazzling, and the use of consumer psychology by unscrupulous merchants is endless. It is reported that the high price of commercial households and various reasons to speculate in sanitary products have become the norm in the market. According to the survey, the large home store found that the price of some bathroom products in the store is too high, and even the price can be cut by half.

Recently, the reporter found in several large home stores that various brands and grades of toiletries are dazzling, with consumers paying attention to the bathroom, sanitary ware has also risen. Many are bathing products produced by some manufacturers in Chaozhou, Guangdong, Foshan, Zhongshan and Zhejiang, and some brands in Shanghai and Beijing. Each brand has high, medium and low. toilet, bathtub, sink and wash basins in more than a dozen varieties. Among them, sanitary ware items with a price of several thousand yuan are not rare. The average price of domestic famous brands such as Dongpeng, Yingpai and Taitao is below 1000 yuan. The prices of well-known American brands, TOTO, Kohler, Ji Shiduo and other international brands are relatively large, ranging from 1,000 yuan to 5,000 yuan.

The price of bathroom products is too outrageous. The products in the supermarket are frequent.

According to the investigation, in YinlongThe building materials city found a number of sanitary ware products with a price of four or five thousand yuan in several sanitary ware stores. After the discount, it can be nearly 2,000 yuan cheaper. After the price is too expensive, some sales people suggest that the price is at a discount. Based on this, you can still make some concessions. At the Red Star Macalline bathroom store, many branded bathroom products have different discounts. Consumer Mr. Zhang believes that the price of some sanitary products in Guiyang is outrageous, a smart toilet is nearly 10,000 yuan, but if you will bargain, at least you can cut Half the price.

“Water price can’t prevent consumers from buying and polishing eyes

According to the seller, the market The bathroom products are dazzling, consumers should polish their eyes when purchasing, you can avoid and be misled by “look, “look,” “listen and listen”. At first glance, the consumer can choose to observe the reflective surface of the bathroom product from the side under strong light. The surface has no or few blisters and pitting. High-brightness products use high-quality glazed materials and very good glazing process, which is reflective to light and has a good visual effect. Second touch, you can use your hands to gently rub on the surface, it feels very smooth and fine. You can also touch the back and feel that there is a slight rubbing feeling of rustling. Third, you can tap the ceramic surface with your hand. Generally, the sound of a good ceramic material is relatively crisp when it is struck. Four ratios are mainly used to investigate the water absorption rate, and the lower the water absorption rate, the better. Ceramic products have a certain ability to adsorb and penetrate water. If water is sucked into the ceramic, it will have a certain expansion, which will easily cause the glazed surface of the ceramic surface to crack due to expansion.

The competition in today’s market is fierce. Many sanitary wares have fought price wars and adopted high-price and low-price discounts on the sales of sanitary ware products to promote the sale of sanitary ware products. Vicious competition can’t be eliminated, so consumers should be reminded that when purchasing products, don’t just care about cheapness and neglect the quality and cost performance of the products, as well as after-sales service. For this more and more concerned bathroom products, I would rather have more Take some energy to carefully select, so as not to have any unnecessary troubles later.

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