The survey said that less than 30% of Scots support independence. Nearly half opposed

Original title: The survey said that nearly 30% of Scots who support independence are opposed to

China News Service February 20th According to foreign media reports, a survey released on the 20th shows that only 29 The % Scots plan to vote for independence in the 2014 referendum and 42% plan to vote against it.

According to the survey, another 29% of Scots have yet to decide whether to vote for it or not. Scotland will hold a referendum on September 18 this year to decide whether to be independent from the UK.

The latest findings are broadly consistent with the results of the previous two surveys. The survey was conducted from January 28 to February 6, and the survey targets 996 adults.

“ In the past few days, the debate about whether independence has been heated. “The investigation’s Scottish business leader, Costerley, said.

“The views of the Scottish people have changed little in the past few months, and the proportion of people who voted is relatively high. The survey results show that the public wants to know more information to make a decision. & rdquo; He said in the statement.

 The recent developments, especially the opposition to the independent party’s firm statement on the future of the pound, may spark more debate and bring more information to help the hesitant voters make up their minds. . ”

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