The third generation Adaptive Modular Smart Manufacturing Solutions China debut

SAP China Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shenyang Institute of Automation (SIA , hereinafter referred to as “the self-Shen”) released the third generation of intelligent adaptive modular manufacturing solutions, based on this solution the exemplary embodiment set up production lines also appeared. The program uses the world’s leading modular production concept, by end-even the full digital in the true sense, to achieve a high degree of flexible production, to further help Chinese enterprises to achieve intelligent manufacturing.
ribbon-cutting ceremony: SAP and Shen jointly released the third generation of intelligent adaptive modular manufacturing solutions
“wisdom” made arbitrary The solution greatly improves the efficiency of large-scale production of personalized products. The biggest highlight adaptive reconstruction modular production line. 4.0 by SAP industrial blueprint intelligent manufacturing system and from the Chinese Academy of Sciences of Industrial wireless WIA, industrial software defined network (SDN) and the Internet industry “provenance platform”, the traditional production line as a modular production units are decoupled when ordinary work stations, equipped with robotic work station, and fitted with a mechanical operating arm of the car AGV navigation may change depending on the status of field devices and product design, adaptive reconstruction, greatly reduce the scale of production in the personalization cost production line transformation CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , significantly shorter adjustment period.
Based on the third generation adaptive intelligent modular manufacturing solutions build exemplary production line
on the basis of the mechanical system of adaptive reconstruction, SAP ME MES, SAP EWM warehouse management system and advanced industrial PLC close integrated, so that a variety of products mixed line production possible. Further, based on plant conditions, the system may customize routing dynamically adjusted, which further increases production flexibility. In the integration of IT and OT systems, in addition to the ERP system, WMS system, MES system, PLC control system, this release of the solution also increases the AGV vehicle management system, vehicle scheduling algorithm AGV system, further to achieve efficient production. In addition, third-generation solutions than the previous generation has also increased the workshop warehouse management and sales management cloud to achieve end to end service management in the true sense. Customers for order tracking, personalized orders in SAP latest C / 4HANA pinsAfter you create the sale of cloud seamlessly passed to the S / 4HANA, customers can order progress tracking in C / 4HANA sales cloud until delivery. Promote Chinese “wisdom” made “China is transforming from a manufacturing powerhouse to a manufacturing power, this transformation need to rely on industry intelligence. Germany first proposed the concept of industrial 4.0, also has a lot of successful experience in intelligent manufacturing. It is intelligent manufacturing solutions one of the strengths of SAP, the starting third generation of intelligent adaptive modular manufacturing solutions in China, is the value of China’s huge potential for escalation in the manufacturing sector, “senior Vice president of SAP, SAP president of global R & D network Coleman representation. “SAP China Research Institute and co-innovation has always been emphasis on local partners CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , combined with the needs of Chinese customers to develop solutions to meet the local market CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , and from China with cooperation is the best example to the world, and that the Shen Today manufacturing is rapidly towards customization, service of a new era of joint innovation between the two sides will further push forward the development of China intelligent manufacturing, “SAP senior vice president of global, SAP China Research Institute president Li Ruicheng representation. “Shen from the witness with SAP China Research Institute of the 4.0 development process from concept to landing industries. We hope that this line is Chinese manufacturing enterprises is not only multi-level multi-functional intelligent adaptive production, it is the entire Internet ecosystem and value chain integration, “the CAS Shenyang Institute of Automation, deputy party secretary Liang Bo said.
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On the same day, SAP and Shen are also signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation , is intended to continue to combine their respective advantages and technical resources, to jointly promote the China Industry digital manufacturing upgrading and restructuring.

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