The world’s first | Intel co eastern territory devaluation software-defined industrial control server

1 to 5 April, the theme of “industrial integration – Industrial intelligence” 2019 Hannover Industrial Fair (HMI2019) grand opening on between man and machine, machine and machine how collaboration in the digital transition in the next phase of work presents profound opinion. As Intel in the field of global Internet industry an important partner Intel and things Solutions Alliance member, East of soil science and technology and Intel joint exhibition of the world’s first software-defined industrial control server NEWPRE, to provide efficient, energy-saving intelligent manufacturing network, save money, save space, easy to maintain new solutions.

in the Intel booth, Kyland NEWPRE Products a real demonstration software virtualization technology defined based control using an industrial server virtualization out of 20 real-time system, complete the next AI visual identity sport control. Technology site technical person in charge of lands east introduction, NEWPRE industrial server horizontal integration edge computing software-defined technology, process control, industrial vision, motion control, protocol conversion and other real-time and non-real-time control systems, longitudinal open end side net cloud platform with integration, intelligent, real-time, flexible and scalable features. “In this way, both the leaders even more powerful, highly intelligent industrial challenges, but also to help industrial manufacturing businesses stand on a higher starting point, play the advantages of agile innovation.”
As we all know, as the chip giant, Intel has been and software manufacturers and other downstream work closely control Engineering Copyright , and work to provide users with a comprehensive solution. In the PC market, Wintel alliance has created an era, make a significant contribution to social progress. Quandroid high security alliance (Qualcomm and Android) the rapid rise of huge injection of energy for the development of mobile Internet, the Internet has brought unprecedented leap. Currently emerging industry and the Internet of Things will be a huge cake, chips for seamless integration with the operating system software of the two networks will gain the upper hand Control Engineering Copyright and detonated large data and artificial intelligence information age, creating new economic myths.
As the Internet industry leading enterprises, Kyland work in this industry more than 20 years , has 30 international patents, 120 national invention patents, firstAfter the participation and commitment of the three international standard industrial automation field of information. The Intel chip combined with the operating system lands east INTEWELL, innovation and introduction of multi-service industrial real-time parallel processing servers to software-defined control is based on a flexible load wide range of industries, to help customers complete “agile and intelligent” as the core intelligent industrial restructuring, laid the foundation for artificial intelligence applications in the industrial field depth. There is now a clear trend, many leading companies use their accumulated experience in a particular industry and deep expertise, combined with innovative technology to create platform-oriented enterprises Control Engineering Copyright , and then put to peer sharing platform the other companies in the industry. East soil goal is to make industrial industry platform floor below the operating system platform – based on innovative fieldbus technology and software-defined industrial control (SDC) and software-defined industrial process (SDP) technology combines core competencies, joint cooperation industrial partners to build the internet platform, docking up with the application, hardware and data link down, help enterprises accelerate integration of the integration, technical and commercial IT and OT, and with customers and partners achieve business success. Watch the scene

China’s Internet industry development platform should be independent of fieldbus technology, and software-defined industrial control (SDC) and software-defined industrial process (SDP) technology. The combination of these two technologies Control Engineering Copyright , China will become the core platform technologies of the Internet industry. East soil and is willing to industry colleagues together to take the initiative and innovation, the spirit of intellectual self-confidence to grasp the new opportunities for the development of the Internet industry, the establishment of self-controlled China Internet technology is widely used in the field of depth of material production, so as to equip the country to match the economies of scale the right to development of the Internet industry to speak.
– Li Ping, chairman lands east

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