The world’s largest football tournament, Japan Misaki Park Stadium facelift new LED lighting

The global lighting leader Xin Connaught recently announced that it has installed a new LED lighting system Misaki Park Stadium in Kobe, Japan, the world’s biggest football tournament held power in the country on September 20 to November 2. The Philips ArenaVision LED lighting installation will be controlled by the Connaught Xin Interact Sports interconnected intelligent lighting system. The combination not only create stunning light show, but also provides a variety of programming a lighting scene according to different criteria in the event venue. This is mounted within the lighting system can accommodate 30,132 spectators pitch measurement techniques innovation robot using video correction precision aiming and laser scanning technology for verification.
This service will be the world’s biggest football tournament of the stadium site is also one of Japan’s professional soccer league. A total of 404 sets of Philips ArenaVision LED lamps mounted thereto. Interact Sports system controlled by a variety of lighting scenes to meet a variety of different events from football to soccer matches and other needs. Its creation in the whole concept of race during a live audience will experience outstanding breathtaking Control Engineering Copyright , so Kobe Court has attracted more settled in other activities. Compared to conventional lighting systems, new energy-efficient LED lighting system can save 45% of the electricity. “We are very pleased to be lit Kobe Misaki Park Stadium, helping the world’s biggest football tournament.” Thierry Jean Baptiste Chapiteau, Xin Connaught global stadium lighting industry manager, said, “The players can get the perfect lighting experience in the game [ 123] CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the fans around the world can enjoy in their homes through the television broadcast to the highest resolution, the presence of the fans can enjoy the extraordinary atmosphere rendered by the light show. “by introducing Connaught Xin Fei robot measurement technology, precision laser scanning and video school aiming system CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , not only lighting installation time is greatly reduced, accuracy and quality of the installation has also been improved. The whole process by the conventional high-intensity discharge (HID) field of LED lighting system upgrade only 65 days to complete. In addition to , measurement techniques in robotics throughout the installation process of the stadium turf made adequate protection. “We are convinced by Xin Connaught due diligence and advanced engineering technologies. These new technologies we can successfully complete the project has played a crucial role. We are pleased to co-Xin Connaught to complete the project, thanks to the project team members pay for this effort. “entrusted Kobe City, the implementation of the project, Mr. Kinden Corporation is one of Japan’s largest electrical and mechanical contractors Nakamoto expressed. In addition to Misaki Park Stadium Kobe
, Xin Connaught is also involved in Toyota, Aichi stadium project. The same venue will serve the football tournament. Stadium Toyota Stadium and Kobe is Japan’s first to feature robot intelligent measurement technology installed Interact Sports interconnected lighting systems and high-quality LED lamps Philips ArenaVision stadium.

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