These places have lights, don’t be too wit

Going home at night to find the switch? Can’t see your beauty when you make up? Cut your hands when cutting vegetables? These may be the trouble of installing a little light. In fact, there are many lighting areas that are easily overlooked by everyone during the renovation. Many people often complain that their houses are faint and dark, which makes people feel depressed. This may not be a problem of the house itself, but you forgot to install lights in some areas. ! The lights in these places are simply too wit.
1, porch sensor light, the door is no longer black

Every day, I go home and touch the black shoes to turn off the lights, the porch lights can not be kept open… Adding induction lights, easy to solve problem.

Where can the sensor light be installed? Below the door and the hanging cabinet, the inside of the shoe cabinet is suitable. Especially in the storage area, after installing the induction light, no longer afraid to find something black.

2, the cooking area is filled with lamps, washing dishes and cutting vegetables more efficiently

The kitchen is the most need for high-light space in the whole house. After all, no one wants to cut vegetables or When cooking, it was dark.

If the kitchen is equipped with a hanging cabinet, or the lighting is not good, you need to install a small lamp in the preparation area, which is convenient for cutting vegetables and cutting meat.

In the bottom of the cabinet, the spotlight or downlight is embedded. When installing, it is necessary to calculate the distance between the lamp and the lamp to avoid staggering the light.

Install a light strip or tube under the cabinet. The position of the strip is 200 to 250 mm from the bottom of the cabinet. A soft light strip can be used at the corner.

Light tube: It is recommended to reserve the line and switch position during the early renovation.

If you don’t want to wire, you can also use the dry battery-driven induction spotlight to fix it directly under the cabinet. There are no cabinets in the washing area and the preparation area? Just add spotlights or chandeliers directly to the top.

3, with the mirror front light, the makeup will be more beautiful

The lighting of the bathroom is usually in the middle of the ceiling or near the top of the basin area, when we want to see the mirror More clearly, it will generally block some of the light. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the mirror headlights as the focus source.

The mirror headlights are mounted on both sides of the mirror better than the top. Because the light source is on both sides, it can ensure direct light to the face; if it is at the top, you need to adjust the light angle to minimize the shadow of the face.

Light source selection: It is recommended that the brightness be higher, the color should not be too yellow, it will produce color difference, affecting the makeup effect. White fluorescent or cool white fluorescent lamps are recommended. If there is enough socket, you can directly choose the waterproof mirror cabinet with LED light, the built-in light belt of the makeup mirror, and the light distribution is even and natural.

4, bedroom night light, reduce inconvenience and interference

Get up in the middle of the night, if the headlights will not only wake up in sleep, but also disturb the other half of the sleeping side . Therefore, the bedroom needs to be equipped with an inductive night light. The faint light is enough to illuminate the road under the foot without affecting others. When the time passes, the induction lights up, and when it is not, it will automatically turn off. Small changes have greatly increased the convenience of life.

5, since the wardrobe has light, it is really convenient to find clothes

The interior of the wardrobe is dimly lit, and sometimes it is very troublesome to find clothes. Adding the induction light, it is very convenient to open the closet door and close the door.

There are three types of commonly used induction lamps:

1, according to the ambient light, it is automatically turned on, always on, and it can be consistent with the reserved wires of the conventional socket. The price is 35~50. Yuan;

2, according to the infrared temperature to determine whether to open, the person is delayed after the departure, can be connected with the ordinary switch in addition to another control, priced at 170 ~ 200 yuan;

3, Use dry batteries without wiring. According to the infrared sensor judgment, but not sensitive enough, only for close-range use, the price is 70~150 yuan.

In addition to the sensor light, you can also choose the combination of the light strip + remote control. The advantage is that it can be manually controlled and the brightness can be adjusted arbitrarily, but the cost is high.
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