Things huge market, how to tap the value?

Ten years ago, things still quite a strange word, a dozen years later, things have become a common concept of existence. With the country to vigorously promote the development of the networking industry and the increasing popularity of the concept of things, more and more people know all about how things are and what things can be done using a project-based networking technology has become increasingly multi-floor applications. In the era of big data, cross-border integration between networking and traditional industries is inevitable, the current of things in agriculture, medicine, food and other industries more common applications, and gradually becoming more mature. Our country is the world’s manufacturing superpower, the country has always stressed the need to rely on technological innovation and industrial upgrading to achieve the manufacturing sector, while the manufacturing sector and a combination of things will bring win-win situation and business users. As China the world’s second largest economy, the future will surpass the United States as the largest market of things. Has one trillion potential of the Internet of Things market the company will also bring business opportunities, the future prospects of the networking industry can be expected. When the Internet of Things technology emerged the unique advantages of traditional enterprises to reduce costs, bringing performance, adding to the profit and realization of the digital transformation and upgrading, the value of things will make more people to see things possible age Nuggets sex. How to use networking technology to fully realize the value of things the project, how to find the truly valuable things in the project worth one trillion in the networking industry? It must first be clear that what things the project needs? Recognition distal acquired data, data analysis and calculation of data transmission, the rear end of the intermediate cloud platform communication techniques performed carried out, and finally integration of integrated landing project was networking hardware, software and technology connection technology performed reality shine. Things efficiency is the most important goal of the project, is the most intuitive things withdrawals. In accordance with the principles of efficiency, more and more companies not only provide a single product, but also more willing to provide complete product and total solutions based on customer needs and products more emphasis on low power consumption, stable connection and a simple, practical, make things whole , efficient and convenient. Things in the future for a long period of time will be the most important market demand. Internet users demand for smart devices as well as consumers pursue high quality of life, is an important driving force for sustainable development of the consumer market of things; in terms of enterprise-class networking thing, things can improve enterprise management level and operational efficiency, change the traditional business model, which will be the future of things one trillion production valueAchieve foundation; industrial front end of things because of the perception layer gateway and back-end data acquisition device management platform to monitor the whole process of manufacturing industries, enhance the efficiency of industrial production, regulatory enterprise resource consumption and other advantages, will help the body mass large manufacturing intelligent transformation and upgrading. With perfect sense, terminals, network, platform networking industry chain information technology, things will become one of the huge amount of data volume, rich data types of fields, so “Nuggets” The most critical is from things and big data found value, so that customers find value from the service. Now is the information age, data to those who have the world. However, only enough data, data analysis and data accuracy is crucial. “Data” and “information” is not the same thing. “Data” that is a bunch of raw measurements untreated, we have to analyze it, its essence to its dregs, for obtaining useful information. We must keep in mind: data only after the analysis into information useful. Things get real-time advantage is that it can organize the data. If the schema correctly, things can be put data into useful information, it is used to determine how to do next. The era of things in all things Jieke of data, the data is resource wealth. Big Data analytics has become a key element of business, based on analysis of data, monitoring, information services has become increasingly common. In all walks of life Control Engineering Copyright , more and more data-driven enterprise, they have to absorb the real-time data and analyze it to form a correct judgment and decision-making. Big Data is becoming the new commanding heights of the IT industry, but things based applications and services to promote wider use of big data. Big data application space Internet of broad, big data and combine things full of endless possibilities. With networking, the Internet, mobile Internet, smart terminals, large-screen display combined systems, cloud computing platform, the Internet of big data can help people build intelligent control model, intelligent analysis model, intelligent decision-making model applications, profound change people’s lives. Things have been used in many fields, such as the wisdom of agriculture, industry wisdom, intelligence, logistics, medical and intelligence. Such as: environmental monitoring, sensor information is transmitted by means of things to the Internet or mobile Internet internet platform, real-time monitoring environmental changes. , Massive environmental data collected and analyzed by the environmental monitoring system Control Engineering Copyright , Abnormal changes in environmental indicators point to help predict changes in the environmental protection department in advance somewhere environment, environmental indicators deviate from the normal index value, environmental pollution warning issued in advance. The Intelligent Manufacturing or “Industrial Internet of Things” is the next big things wonderful combination of data and the classic case. In industry applications, big data, and a combination of things will be “sparks.” The: Things used in factories , real-time monitoring the operating state of the apparatus , may also be early warning device when an abnormality occurs in advance. Industry things is to have a perception, technical monitoring capabilities (all types of acquisition, control sensors, controllers, and mobile communications, intelligence analysis, etc.) will continue into all aspects of industrial processes, greatly improving production efficiency, improve product quality. Reduce product cost and resource consumption, and ultimately the transformation of traditional industries to upgrade to intelligent. Things of value in their data. Things to bring a breakthrough advances in technology, but the problem of managing big data has become more prominent, to be related to information and communication technologies for their support. Such as: data generation, capture, transfer and analysis of CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , for an efficient, stable and reliable wide area network, 3G, 4G, WiFi wireless communication technologies continue to be optimized to support things and each sensor node sensing information capacity, transmission capacity, the information processing and storage capabilities to enhance the like. Things a large data, large data help things. Things triggered by the big data trend will also boost the development of integration of new information and communication technologies such as cloud computing. So, things in Denver is the mining of Things data value.

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