Things speed up industrial applications, boost industrial development has made new achievements

In recent years, industrial networking technology matures, a variety of service providers, integrators mushroomed continue to emerge, all things have to enter the industrial field. After the things used in industry, industrial products to further enhance production efficiency, equipment operation and maintenance more convenient, traditional industry has entered a rapid development period. So, the development of industry Internet of things, what impact will in the end bring traditional industries?
Industrial things used in industrial production to accelerate multi-link In essence, in an industrial environment, things can be achieved by means of connecting industrial equipment and products. In the specific operation by the industrial processes of each link, the data terminal device to become full range underlying data acquisition, and data analysis and deep level mining, industrial production efficiency to be improved, industrial business model has reached optimization. In the traditional industrial automation environment, everything just happened in the factory’s own system, and the external world connections are very rare. The rapid development of all of this, along with networking, cloud computing, big data technologies such huge changes have taken place. In fact, industrial Ethernet connection, wireless LAN system has been running for many years at the factory, things on this basis, can be interoperability between systems, “matchmaking”, so that a single, closed system organically linked. In recent years, policy support has intensified, private financing and investment activities become increasingly frequent background CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , speed up industrial networking technology is mature, and is used in the production of industrial equipment forecast maintenance, visual monitoring of the supply chain, producing more aspects of automation. In industrial production processes, industrial things in the operating health comprehensive analytical equipment to enhance the efficiency of industrial production also played an increasingly important role. Things to further enhance the industry is now pushing to big data, cloud computing as the representative of a new round of industrial revolution is underway industrial productivity, many industrial enterprises to adapt to the actual needs of industrial development in the new era, they have begun using the cloud computing, networking, etc. technology for the production mode of production adjustment and innovation. In a variety of technologies, the Internet of Things industry for its significant technical advantages in the production of industrial products to enhance efficiency, to help companies automate, the commercial value of the production of intelligent A also been recognized by many people in the industry. Specifically, for industrial hygieneProduction, the industry analysis of things in the operational efficiency of industrial equipment, commercial value of industrial automation equipment operation is particularly worthy of attention. For example, analysis of the efficiency of industrial production equipment. Industrial manufacturers of industrial products through the use of networking technology, timely collection and analysis of data from multiple industrial production equipment CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , and thus a more comprehensive understanding of the operating health of industrial equipment, in order to take appropriate measures to enhance the productivity of industrial products. In another example, industrial networking technology to provide strong technical support for the operation of industrial automation equipment. Through the use of appropriate industrial networking technology and equipment, mechanization operational efficiency of industrial production can be further improved. Even in the absence of human intervention, industrial equipment can also be automated, efficient operation. In this way, the large-scale industrial production activities can enhance industrial productivity and product quality new upgrade. Things for future industrial development industrial inject more momentum now, many regions have begun industrial networking and other technologies used in industrial areas, under these new technologies to promote industrial development continues to accelerate the speed of control Engineering Copyright , the overall steady growth in revenue. At the same time, some problems have been exposed. For some small and medium industrial enterprises, industrial construction of things the high cost, technical difficulties and so the introduction of industrial application and popularization of things caused some obstacles. Nevertheless, the industry for China’s industrial development of things outlook remains confident. In the future, as China’s ecological environment continues to mature things, things applications in the industrial field will be more intense. In 2016, China’s Internet of Things industry scale has reached 189.6 billion yuan, accounting for the overall networking industry in more than 17%. In the policy is expected to push and demand-driven application Control Engineering Copyright , by 2020, China’s share in the overall industrial things networking industry will reach 26%, it will exceed 450 billion yuan. In this process, sensor technology, 5G technology continues to progress , will greatly increase the resolve of Things applications in the industrial field, networking solutions will further enhance the operations of industrial enterprises effectiveness,Sources of income industrial manufacturing enterprises and stimulate industrial innovation vitality industry, the industrial development of many new achievements China has made a variety of high-quality industrial products will also appear on the market.

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