Thinking: thinking industry in Germany 4.0

Turning to the German Industry 4.0, a powerful naturally think of German manufacturing. We Throughout human history of industrial development, only a strong manufacturing sector to the achievements of a country strong and the nation. German industry after 4.0 appears, workers from the past production of ordinary operator, was promoted to manager of the process, responsible for more creative control planning and decision-making. Its core concept: intelligent plant construction, intelligent production. Industry 4.0 means that person is more important, the importance of contact between man and machine is greatly enhanced by technology and data owners will better integration of man and machine together Control Engineering Copyright , which means to reduce the workload of people, but also people can blend with increasingly complex machines.
nature: a prerequisite for the future development of intelligent, high efficiency, reduce industrial energy consumption is 4.0, in-depth implementation of digital projects, involving artificial intelligence, robots will make extensive use of intelligent design, intelligent technology, test simulation of intelligent, intelligent production process, security intelligence a reality. Big data, cloud computing, mobile Internet era background, the enterprise intelligence, improve industrial upgrading combination. Industry 4.0 can integrate the best of sensors, software and technology, to a global company in factories around the world are brought together into a network, the headquarters can see the situation of each plant operations in real time via the Internet, and through highly visual, automated the purpose is achieved to improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption, but also the nature of industry 4.0. Causes: a sense of crisis to Germany so-called fourth generation industry (Industry4.0) refers to the use of Things Information System (Cyber-Physical System referred to as CPS) will supply production, manufacturing, sales information data, intelligence, and finally reached fast, effective , personalized product offerings. In 2011, Germany first proposed the concept of “Industry 4.0”, designed to support a new generation of industrial R & D and innovation revolutionary technology, to maintain the international competitiveness of Germany. In fact Control Engineering Copyright , “Industry 4.0” concept reflects the German sense of competition on the United States and high sense of crisis. From 1990 to 2013, the entire European manufacturing declined from the year accounted for 34% of global share to 21%, GermanyManufacturing also declined by nearly 10%. China’s manufacturing sector rose from 2% to 19%, Asia accounted for almost 50%. According to the current development momentum of German Industry 4.0 of view, its “physical information system based on intelligent production,” the core concept is being use. Physical devices have gradually computing, communications, precise control, remote coordination and self-management capabilities, network integration virtual world and the real world of physics is also being realized. This is a huge industrial revolution, but also the inevitable trend of development.
thinking: transformation of traditional manufacturing across German industry 4.0 stressed at the same time highly customized to meet the needs of Control Engineering Copyright , to maintain manufacturing efficiency. China Intelligent Manufacturing concept more emphasis on the use of intelligent technology and network technology to enhance China’s manufacturing quality, technology and business models. China should be based on the world’s largest manufacturing industry, the manufacturing industry adjust the industrial structure, enhance the competitiveness of manufacturing enterprises to achieve the transition to ‘manufacturing power’ of. To 4.0 across manufacturing, we need to have some industrial base, the paradigm shift is also important. At present, most Chinese companies still use function-oriented production processes, the transition from function-oriented thinking is process-oriented, do not just focus on the manufacturing process, but also to learn the whole planning process. Currently there have been a lot of new manufacturing industries format, technology trends, business models Control Engineering Copyright , entrepreneurs need to establish the concept of resource information, make the information as an asset, is the source of core competitiveness of enterprises . At the same time Control Engineering Copyright , companies need to develop for customers to implement perception, rapid response requirements, the ability to timely meet. Features: industry quality has always been the pursuit of German industrial statehood, a powerful industry also let Germany have more say in international affairs. Germany is Europe’s economic engine, engines. Germany’s strength in the global manufacturing industry at the forefront, mainly Germans to change and innovation to different aspects of German industrial production from 4.0 systems, logistics integration, new technology applications. For now, Germany has enough strength and level for such a change and push. Involving all aspects of manufacturing, industrial manufacturing is not the traditional sense, but involve different departments need to collaborate across multiple industries. Continue to promote German industry 4.0 will bring development in Germany is enormous, which will determine whether Germany can continue to lead the manufacturing industry, have more right to speak, every industry will bring enormous industrial revolution, life, change the business model. Industrial development and people’s lives, in Germany since advancing Industry 4.0, intelligence also accelerating, German industry and the way people work will change.
mode: the combination of virtual reality and industrial automation is an important prerequisite for Germany to start Industry 4.0, mainly machinery and electrical engineering in the field. Currently in Germany and is widely used in international manufacturing “embedded system”, it is completely mechanical or electrical components embedded within the slave device, it is designed for a particular application dedicated computer system. Data show that the market benefits of this “embedded systems” each year to get up to 20 billion euros, a figure which by 2020 will increase to 40 billion euros. German manufacturing is one of the world’s most competitive manufacturing industry, with a global leader position in the field of manufacturing equipment. This stems largely focused on the German industrial technology research and development of innovative products, as well as the management of complex industrial processes. When the German definition of industrial 4.0, mainly on two points: first, to determine the active logic of all things, followed by building a network – entity system, combining virtual and reality. Germany has a strong and workshop equipment manufacturing industry, with a high level of competence in the field of information technology world, embedded systems and automation engineering also have a very professional technology, these factors laid the leading position in the German manufacturing engineering industry . Through the implementation of Industry 4.0 strategy, will become the new generation of German industrial production technology (ie information about the physical system) and leading supplier of market, Germany will continue to maintain the domestic manufacturing industry in the development of the premise to enhance its global competitiveness again. In the community fundamentally improve the democratic rule of law and protection of intellectual property in Germany, it is to protect the healthy development of German manufacturing solid backing, but also reduce the social cost of production, improve the efficiency of the real weapon. German industry has a strong characteristic of 4.0 is actually a huge project. The German industrial giant Siemens describes the official website of the core is 4.0 intelligent manufacturing industry, by embedded processor, a memory, a sensor and a communication module, the device, product, material, linked to the software, such that different products and production equipment capable of interoperability and crossChange command. Factory of the future can self-optimize and control the production process. According to a further idea of ​​the industry, in addition to the interconnection products and machinery industry will achieve 4.0 in the factory of the future, consumer products, Internet information data, and ultimately all interconnected, thereby reconstructing the mode of production of the whole society. From manufacturing base in Germany, many conditions have been met, need badly is how to achieve wisdom connection.
differences: Germany and USA industry 4.0 ① US Internet industry is to continuously improve productivity, to pave the way for significantly reducing the cost of industrial production. German industrial production 4.0 want to improve flexibility, issued the foundation for substantial reduction in labor costs. ② large US Internet industry data, sensor technology and in close connection with the three people, escalating in key industrial sectors. German industry leading 4.0 to strive for and supply of next-generation technology in the international market, flexibility in the use of Internet technology and industry in the procurement, production and marketing and other aspects of force. Closely integrated with the traditional industries, constantly transforming continuously improve productivity in order to accelerate the pace of industrial upgrading. ③ Internet industry focus on three elements of human-computer network. 4.0 The industrial focus is intelligent plant, the production of smart, intelligent products three elements. ④ Internet industry involved in the field aerospace, medical, railway, natural gas, electricity and other core industries. Industry 4.0 involves planning, manufacturing, operations and logistics fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering and other projects. ⑤ trend of the Internet industry, manufacturing services, customized personalized, decentralized organization, the cloud of manufacturing resources. Industry trends 4.0, any participant in the manufacturing and high-tech resources to achieve interactive, intelligent products are clearly identifiable, individual customer and product realization train service, staff strictly enforce the intelligent manufacturing production standards, continuous development, improve the network infrastructure facility. Summary of the industrial age, the industry standard is air. For the blank areas, mastered the standards it has developed rules of the game, only exhausted newcomers to catch up. High-end manufacturing is the solid guarantee enduring modern Germany, in this era of sailing against the current, you want to not be eliminated, it must grab the high ground station.

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