To create intelligent factory is a journey, pay attention to these three points, the best way to find out

Imagine a traditional factory, it could be a huge building, located in a corner of the industrial park. However, Control Engineering Copyright , such as the factory is like an island, and often cut off from other manufacturers. Not just the isolated location of the plant OT and IT network level also exist in isolation. Today, this model has been unable to meet the development trend in manufacturing. Especially in uncertain economic environment, enterprises need to enhance the efficiency and productivity of the factory floor. Compared with the previous , consumers are increasingly concerned about the traceability of the purchased goods. Accordingly, companies are able to offer new additional services in addition to goods, in order to open up new sources of revenue.
In order to seize these opportunities, manufacturers have started to digitize production operations, and generate real-time data can be utilized. In other words, they are to create intelligent plant, and connect them with the entire business operations. Block chain, quantum computing, AI and other emerging technologies will also create new opportunities in this area. However, Control Engineering Copyright , to create intelligent plant is a journey, business is difficult to determine the best way to go. Fujitsu’s latest in a manufacturing survey showed that under the current economic pressures, 58% of manufacturing companies said the “cost” of this element has become the biggest obstacle to smart factory plan. More importantly, by far, most intelligent plant project is not yet return on investment (56%), which makes further investments becomes difficult. How to use innovative technology to grasp the trend? How to create intelligent plant? And bring real value to the business? In this article, Fujitsu’s manufacturing experts for you to summarize the three elements. Closer to customers from the Internet to build a factory provides an opportunity to offer new services to customers for the manufacturers. In fact, improve the customer experience has become the most popular external intelligent plant project goals (62%). In the consumer market, customization trends are becoming evident. Manufacturers can deliver goods in accordance with the different needs of consumers in droves. The connectivity and efficiency will be the key towards mass production. The survey shows that nearly half (47%) of manufacturing companies are implementing intelligent plant project, in order to achieve efficient product customization production. Connectivity can also help companies tap the unique selling point of the product. For example, gold Bin(Jim Beam) is one of the world’s leading brand of bourbon, whiskey barrel, they have gone through years of carefully brewed. Today, Fujitsu helps Kim Bin deployed a matter of industrial networking solutions, not only to track and manage the production of a barrel of whiskey, whiskey let life cycle will become more transparent, while closer between the consumer distance, gold Bin whiskey brand into a new “vitality.” In the B2B area, the competitive advantage manufacturers usually comes from service oriented: from after-sales support to on-site service, and even “commodity-service” model, are factors B2B manufacturing enterprises to achieve differentiation. Whether to B or to C CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , factories and companies before the Internet are key. Customers may require detailed information about the availability and logistics to guide purchase decisions, while the factory will need to have the ability to deliver highly customized orders. If properly implemented, intelligent plant will be closer links between manufacturers and customers. Improve plant efficiency, “efficiency” is an important factor for all manufacturers are concerned. Our survey shows that the most common intelligent plant project internal goal is to improve product quality (50%), followed by improving asset utilization (47%). Especially in high-end manufacturing, traditional plant detecting step is usually done manually, this process is time consuming , and prone to error. In particular, some of the higher security requirements of products, such as wind turbines, small deviations in time could have disastrous consequences. Image recognition and machine learning techniques, it can make the quality control process automation. Including x-ray image data including the algorithm for analysis can be utilized to quickly identify anomalies. For example, Fujitsu Siemens help Gamesa implemented a quality control system based on AI machine learning, their wind turbines image scanning time is reduced by 60%. Emerging computing technology can also greatly enhance the production efficiency of the plant. In the past, manufacturers will use a combination of an ordinary computer to process optimization problems in production processes, such as the most efficient path when the robot painting or welding of calculation, the calculation process is often very time-consuming. Today, quantum computing system can provide real-time answers to us, in order to maximize the robot’s productivityrate. Fujitsu own a factory which, quantum computing system allows parts sorting task shorten the trip by 45%! Traceable, sustainable Today, consumers are more than ever concerned about the source of the product and sustainability. Similarly, traceability is very important to meet regulatory requirements. Block chain is becoming a powerful tool that can track the full life cycle from raw material to finished product. Block chain can be safely distributed to stores product information, and ensure that any node in the supply chain are not at liberty to tamper with, so consumers can fully trust-related information products. To food, for example, the block chain that allows consumers to track the purchase of food from farm to table, in order to enjoy peace of mind, let meat, soy, dairy production information at a glance. In this way, intelligent plant can help manufacturers showcase their product quality and corporate social responsibility. Smart road leading to intelligent plant factory project can bring long-term benefits for the enterprise. But in today’s environment, companies more than ever are facing greater pressure to achieve rapid return on investment. Therefore, manufacturers need to carefully and clearly define the overall business model from the outset, identify those most important to the business, the most valuable application scenarios. For some large manufacturing companies, this could mean the development of a set of intelligent solutions for technology validation, gradually extended to include among its large number of factories. For other businesses, it could mean an additional small amount of investment CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , in order to maximize the value of existing systems. For example, there are a number of factories in the OT, IT systems and integrate the database is not valid, and thus unable to maximize value. In this case, only needs to be better integrated in the software level, it will greatly improve production efficiency and product quality. In either case, careful planning is the key. And where to get external support from experienced experts, can bring great benefits. They not only understand the potential of emerging technologies, but also on all aspects and trends in the manufacturing sector fingertips.

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