Traditional fieldbus first decline gradually been “abandoned”? Industrial Ethernet steady growth

Recently, HMS Networks released the annual industrial networking market share analysis, the main concern is the global factory automation nodes newly installed. As the communications industry and industrial things (IIoT) to solve independent supplier of solutions, HMS Industrial Networks for the market has a profound insight.
more and more industrial devices are constantly connected to the industrial network. In 2019, a new connection nodes are expected to grow by 10%. Industrial Ethernet and wireless continues to grow rapidly, while 2019 will be the first decline fieldbus appear. This is the main finding HMS Networks company’s annual study of industrial networking market. Industrial Ethernet is now occupy 59% of newly installed nodes (last year 52%), while the fieldbus occupy 35% (last year 42%). EtherNet / IP accounted for 15%, is still the most widely installed network, but also very close to PROFINET, accounting for 14%. Wireless technology continues to develop a strong, stable and continues to occupy 6% of the market (also 6% last year). Last year, HMS summary for the first time beyond the traditional industrial Ethernet fieldbus, and this evolution to continue in 2019. Industrial Ethernet is now 20% (22% last year) of steady growth CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , accounting for 59% of the global market (last year 52%). Which, EtherNet / IP Ethernet network is the largest industry, accounting for 15% of the market, but PROFINET close the gap constantly, currently accounts for 14%. Ethernet global leader also accounted for 7% of the EtherCAT, accounting for 5% of the Ethernet POWERLINK CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , accounting for 4% of the Modbus-TCP, all of which were tested steady growth. Fieldbus is experiencing a decline for the first time ever, the field bus fell 5 percent (up 6 percent last year) and now accounts for 35% of newly installed nodes. Dominant fieldbus is still PROFIBUS, account for 10% of the global market, accounting for 6% of the CC-Link followed, then followed Modbus-RTU, accounting for 5%. Thinking Industrial Ethernet fieldbus growth and decline “over the Industrial EthernetCrossing continues its drivers is a need for high performance Control Engineering Copyright , as well as plant facilities and IT systems / Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) integration requirements between applications Control Engineering Copyright (C) , “HMS chief marketing officer Anders Hansson pointed out that road.” For installation on a node, we saw the first real decline in traditional fieldbus. Speaking industrial Ethernet, we saw a lot of good growth of the network, such as mature Ethernet / IP, PROFINET, EtherCAT, POWERLINK and Modbus-TCP, Ethernet also other growth. This fragmented Ethernet patterns very interesting , also proved that there is no standardization in Industrial Ethernet from a network, as many Ethernet-based networks for the first time in the 1990s as expected during development. Also the same as fieldbus, according to different industrial applications, a variety of Ethernet network has a different purpose. “Wireless solutions still strong growth in wireless technology is also showing steady growth, up 30% (32% last year), accounting for 6% of the market (6% last year). Wireless local area network (WLAN) is a wireless area of ​​the most popular technologies, It followed by Bluetooth. “more and more machine manufacturers and system integrators to use wireless technology to achieve new, innovative automation architecture. Users can reduce wiring and create new solutions for access and control, “Anders Hansson expressed.” We are also seeing activity around the world has increased cellular technology (eg private LTE / 5G network), to promote the intelligent factory and flexible manufacturing. “Regional network changes in Europe and the Middle East, EtherNet / IP and PROFINET leader, PROFIBUS is also widely used. Other popular network is EtherCAT and Ethernet POWERLINK. CIP network led by the US market, a clear preference for the development of EtherNet / IP . EtherCAT also continues to gain market share. in Asia, there is no real market-leading network, but PROFINET, EtherNet / IP, PROFIBUS, EtherCAT, ModbusCC-Link and wider application, the Ethernet version of CC-Link IE Field is also increasingly popular.

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