Turck factory Changzhou digital depth

July 25, known as “Wu be assisted,” said the third national factory Changzhou, Jiangsu Province usher in digital upgrade solutions seminar tour. Suzhou, Wuxi and Changzhou metropolitan area is part of, the Yangtze River Delta economic circle in the heart of CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , but Chinese manufacturing entity developed provinces – Jiangsu Province star city. With the accelerated pace of industrial upgrading, automation, automation users in Changzhou demand for advanced equipment and technology equipment becomes more and more , the scene is still very hot, bursting with popularity. With the growing influence of the manufacturing sector information , as well as the trend of integration of the two, the future level of automation will become more complicated. Turck industrial automation and data communication solutions, helps users collect, organize and convert industrial production data needed for 4.0, data communications to get through different levels. And meet user demand for seamless data connection at the same time, to provide users with additional “knowledge”, such as the decision to provide predictive maintenance. To help users get more growth in the manufacturing sector through the digital upgrade. Next stop , Turck automated trip into the Hefei of Anhui Province. August 15 , we in Hefei waiting for you!

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