Ukrainian demonstrators evacuated from Kiev City Hall

China News Service, February 16th According to foreign reports, demonstrators in the Ukrainian capital Kiev began to withdraw on the 16th after occupying the city hall for several months. This is seen as a landmark move to ease tensions.

The commander of the demonstration, Ruslan Andriyko, said the city hall was almost completely empty.

He said that the demonstrators will now stay in front of the City Hall building, and the demonstration campaign aimed at requiring President Yanukovych to step down will continue.

The current political crisis in Ukraine broke out after the government decided to suspend the signing of the associated country agreement with the European Union on November 21 last year. Domestic protests in Ukraine have escalated into riots, and the current chaos is spreading to the outside, with the exception of the situation in Kiev, the capital.

On December 1, 2013, Ukrainian demonstrators rushed into the Kiev City Hall.

Ukrainian Attorney General Victor · Puxiongka announced on the 14th that 234 detainees who had been arrested in the past more than a month were released. Pwongka said that if the relevant provisions of the pardon are met, the allegations faced by these 234 people are expected to be revoked within one month from the 18th of this month. Some of them will face up to 15 years of imprisonment once they are accused.

Yanukovych previously signed the “Amnesty Law”, but the Amnesty Act stipulates that only the demonstrators evacuate all the office buildings of the government agencies they occupy and the Gruševsky Avenue in the center of Kiev. The latter bill will take effect.

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