UN Under-Secretary-General: Promoting Energy-efficient Lighting Developing a Green Economy

Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations, Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme, Achim · Steiner, Director of the Asia-Pacific Office of the United Nations Environment Programme, Kai Wei & middot; Zahdi and his party visited the Global Center for High-Efficiency Lighting Technology on the evening of 3rd, indicating Energy-saving lighting will be promoted globally to promote a green economy and promote sustainable development.

Steiner learns more about the center’s technical service activities in developing countries such as Asia, Africa and Latin America, and highly values ​​the work of the center, while accelerating global efficiency. The transformation of the lighting market, especially in developing countries to implement efficient lighting technology promotion and exchanges with Chinese counterparts.

In November of this year, the United Nations Environment Program and the Global Efficient Lighting Technology Center jointly held a global efficient lighting forum in Beijing. A consensus was reached among representatives of more than 60 countries, and it was agreed to accelerate the adoption of advanced lighting technologies to save energy and reduce emissions, further expanding the influence of lighting energy conservation in various developing countries.

Steiner said that the results and action plans of the Global Efficient Lighting Forum will make an important contribution to achieving the goal of sustainable energy for all. The Global Efficient Lighting Technology Center is an important force and technical support organization for UNEP to promote and implement the Global Efficient Lighting Forum Consensus and Action Plan. It has already made achievements in some countries and regions, and hopes that the Center can exert greater strength in promoting efficient lighting. .

Steiner said that promoting green economy and reducing pollution is a global challenge, and the promotion of efficient lighting will help reduce electricity consumption, haze and carbon emissions. China is a leader in the global lighting industry, with good standards, advanced technology and mature models, which is why the United Nations is cooperating with China. Next, UNEP will work with countries to provide more solutions to climate change issues and call for more people to use energy-efficient products.

The Global Efficient Lighting Technology Center is an independent third-party non-profit technology jointly established by the United Nations Environment Program and the National Electric Light Source Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Beijing) in 2012. The organization aims to provide solutions and technical support for global efficient lighting product quality control, laboratory capacity building, etc., especially in developing countries and emerging countries to promote the conversion of efficient lighting technology.

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